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Already a medical drama Good Doctor is on its way to premiere in a week or so and we have another drama on doctors in its initial stages. Kwon Sang Woo and Jung Ryu Won will play the lead roles in this new drama titled Medical Top Team. Well, this one joins the category of shows where the “title says it all”. Yes, the show will be about a team of top doctors in a hospital and their power struggle. This definitely sounds BORING. But I like Jung Ryu Won a lot and that love has increased with her last drama King Of Dramas, where she was delightful. She can convince me to watch this show which looks like it will have all the run-of-the-mill tropes. Kwon Sang Woo was last seen in Queen Of Ambition in the early months of 2013 and I have seen him in only a movie My Tutor Friend in my initial days of K entertainment and I don’t remember much except that I found him cute. Anyways, the drama has also cast Oh Yeon Seo of Oh Ja Ryung Is Coming fame.

Kwon Sang Woo will play a confident surgeon who is cold on the outside and warm on the inside. Jung Ryu Won will be a strong thoracic surgeon with a warm heart, while Oh Yeo Seo will also play a thoracic surgeon but only with two years experience. Hm, the drama has also been offered to Joo Ji Hoon (Goong) who is considering it right now. If he joins, I’m definitely giving this a try, and it’s sad that his comeback show Five Fingers was a makjang fest. The female lead role was initially offered to Lee Min Jung who finally turned it down. On a side note, Kwon Sang Woo and Jung Ryu Won will reunite in this drama as they did a movie together called Pain in 2011.

Medical Top Team is being penned by the writer of another medical show Brain and the director is the PD who did highly rated sageuk The Moon That Embraces The Sun. It is set to start airing after Two Weeks wraps up on MBC, which is sometime in October.

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