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News Bites: Korean Dramas — 27 June 2020

I think the latest news is chock full of script readings! Which also gives me an opportunity to talk about shows that I missed posting when their casting was announced. News Bites is a segment where latest news of Korean Dramas will be discussed at a common place. So let’s dive into the latest tidbits of dramaland! Continue reading

Romance melodrama ‘Let’s Hold Hands And Watch The Sunset’ starts on MBC today

It is refreshing to see Yoon Sang Hyun in a melodrama after really liking him in so many comedy roles (Secret Garden, I Hear Your Voice, Shopping King Louise) though he did do a serious role in thriller Gapdong. He is headlining new romance melo for

Continue reading

Go So Young is making a comeback with ‘Perfect Wife’


I have always mentioned here that I love it when an actor returns to acting or drama world after a long hiatus. This time it’s Go So Young, who was a popular actress in the 90s and early 2000s. Her last drama was 10 years ago, Blue Fish in 2007. She is married to actor Jang Dong Gun. I haven’t seen her in anything (obviously!) but I’m mildly interested in her upcoming drama Perfect Wife, partly because of the above reason and partly because I don’t exactly know the main plot beyond the basic outline. Continue reading

Seo In Guk is titular ‘Shopping King Louis’ for new MBC drama


I love Seo In Guk and I’m always excited for his new show. I dropped his last Police Unit 38 — not because I didn’t like it but my interest was not strong enough to continue. Next up is a romantic comedy drama for him, titled Shopping King Louis. I’m just wondering if this guy never rests, what with such a small time gap between his Continue reading

Two cable premieres today in the form of ‘Memory’ and ‘Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi’


I have been a bit busy from past few weeks and so I couldn’t write about two dramas that I’m really interested in watching and nearly forgot about them till I realised they are both premiering today. Memory on tvN and Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi on JTBC. Let’s start with Memory. It stars Lee Sung Min! Need I say more. I love him and this is his reunion with tvN after Misaeng, so expectations are bound to be high to get another Continue reading