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After casting the three main leads Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Dong Gun and Jung Yong Hwa, the upcoming time travel drama Mi Rae’s Choice (Future’s Choice) has added the prerequisite second female lead in the form of Han Chae Ah to complete the love square. The KBS drama is set in the broadcasting station with Yoon Eun Hye playing a writer named Mi Rae, Lee Dong Gun is the announcer and Jung Yong Hwa is the VJ who is actually the grandson of the CEO (the secret hidden from everyone). Han Chae Ah (All About My Romance) will play the role of a reporter of a morning show and will have a romantic line with both the guys. Despite being the stereotypical thing in dramaland, I always love these intertwined love lines and if we get two sets of OTPs at the end, it’s like a perfect thing in my book.

Anyway, I’m more thrilled because of the new light on the plot which says that the drama will play the past story of Mi Rae with her future self coming back to advise her. The future Mi Rae will be played by Choi Myung Gil (Miss Reply) and she comes back in time to counsel and prevent Yoon Eun Hye’s Mi Rae from marrying Lee Dong Gun’s character. So, they are married in present but she wants to change that. This opens a whole new scenario full of dramatic possibilities and I’m very much eager to watch this story. It might turn out that she falls in love with him nonetheless. The drama will actually have past Mi Rae and future one side by side creating comic situations all the while. And you know what, it looks likely that Lee Dong Gun is in fact the main lead!!

Yes, I’m very excited for Mi Rae’s Choice now as the plot has amped up the interest (and it’s great that it comes from the writer of The King 2 Hearts) and I hope it will give a different treatment to the now-overused theme of time slip. I love the cast as well. The show follows Good Doctor and will start in October. Script Reading took place this week. Check out the pictures. OMG. Lee Dong Gun is looking sooooo young. For a second I thought it’s Jung Yong Hwa and I had to double-check.