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Finally, after the long wait since the next drama Heirs (or Heritors) by the Secret Garden and A Gentleman’s Dignity writer was announced to star Lee Min Ho, we have got the official stills which were preceded by a palooza of news reports related to the unending cast announcements of stars and some joining and quitting and the shooting commencement with some script spoilers (which I gladly avoided as at least there should be some excitement with a show that sounds so run-of-the-mill with set-up and characters.) Even as I have doubts regarding the story which looks so similar to Boys Before Flowers, I’m finding it fun to connect the dots regarding the connections between all the characters and their respective love line cross-connections. Okay, let’s get down to business now.

I simply laughed out loud on seeing Park Shin Hye stills where she is washing the dishes. It just screams clichéd poor and hard working cheerful girl!! But then I realised that every second drama out there has the similar set-up with some modifications and these candy/ cinderella stories work if the treatment is fresh and entertaining, marked with appealing actors of course, which is the major factor working in this case. Park Shin Hye looks fresh as a daisy. One thing I love about her is that she always has that innocent, pure and graceful air. Some people think that good kissing equals good chemistry. Well, it does NOT. And this is coming from someone who grew up watching Hindi films that hardly have any kiss scene but still the chemistry between the leads is so electric that they can give so many pairs a run for their money. I think that Park Shin Hye shares a warm and adorable chemistry will all her costars and all her past romantic scenes and stories have given me butterflies and giddy feelings of excitement.

Coming on to Lee Min Ho, he is looking so handsome in the casuals he is wearing. He is playing a high school student and I think he can look the part with that style and hair. He is of course sporting an expensive car. The details about his role say that he is the heir of a conglomerate but has a tragic backstory. I still can’t believe that both of my most favorite actors are gonna romance in a drama!!! SO EXCITED!! I want the couple stills……

Lastly, we have Kim Woo Bin, who is….also washing the dishes!! LOL. But his appearance is entirely different from our candy-isque heroine. Maybe this will be the meeting point of their first meet. He looks so neat and clean and dapper. I’m loving that everyone is looking great in Heirs and thankfully, that includes the leading lady. Yay for the normal attire and style for her.

Can’t wait for more stills of the other cast members. Heirs premieres just after a month and it’s time to rejoice!!

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