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I LOVE Jae Hee!! Apart from the fact that he was my first drama hero and that makes him special, it’s also true that he is an extremely talented actor. He has this infinite range of expressions and he can do any role as easily as riding a bicycle. Delightful Girl Choon Hyang remains his best drama and also the one which did complete justice to this brilliant actor and his chemistry with Han Chae Young is simply impeccable. Also, the movie 3 Iron is considered one of his most acclaimed works. His comeback projects have been disappointing: I liked Color Of Woman a lot initially but then couldn’t complete it after it went downhill. I felt really sad and vexed after seeing that his role was left with little importance in Jang Ok Jung and he even appeared after more than 10 episodes had been aired. Anyway, I’m always happy to read news about Jae Hee’s projects and this time he has picked a cable drama for JTBC and yay for that as the channel has made quality dramas (See: Padam Padam… The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats, Life in Cheongdam-dong, The End of the World, latest Cruel City).

THe period drama set in 1960s is titled Firstborn and it is the story about five orphan siblings where the eldest daughter is taking care of them and helps in making them successful in society. The lead actress is Yoon Jung Hee (Family’s Honor) and Jae Hee plays the main lead opposite her and thank goodness for that as shows like May Queen and Jang Ok Jung tried to bring him in the second lead frame. I would have loved to watch Jae Hee’s next show but alas, it is a 50 episode drama. It will include various genres like period, family, romance, melodrama. The show will portray the childhood portion first. It follows Cruel Palace- War of Flowers, another 50 episode show that received great ratings and praise. Firstborn is helmed by PD of dramas like Thousand Years of Love and My Woman while the writing comes from the writer of Dandelion Family and If Tomorrow Comes. It has a Saturday-Sunday time slot and starts airing today, ie. 14 September.

Jae Hee is looking great in the single picture I found from the promo materials but I saw the premiere pictures as well and he looks awesome. Who can say that he is in his 30s!!