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Hey, this post is not about Heirs!! I know. The whole Kdramland is flooded with Heirs, Heirs and only Heirs. I hope people would not get tired of it even before it premieres (of course that doesn’t count me as I’m as happy as a clam whenever I see any news connected with the show). Along with Heirs, the other show gearing up for its premiere in October is the time travel drama Mi Rae’s Choice (Future’s Choice) which has now acquired a new English title for itself and it’s Marry Him If You Dare. I like the new one as it gives the whole theme of the show which explores the time slip with the lead heroine travelling back to advice her past self to not marry the man she already did years ago. Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Dong Gun and Jung Yong Hwa are a combination of stars that automatically gain your attention and cast + plot is the factor responsible for my anticipation of this drama.

Marry Him If You Dare released the official stills featuring the leading lady Yoon Eun Hye and she looks cute, the hairstyle notwithstanding. She plays a call center employee who is bright and cheerful infront of the customers but sheds tears when alone. The stills show the very same thing.

The other stills star Jung Yong Hwa, who plays the undercover boss in disguise of a VJ. His pictures show him in a room filled with CDs and he is listening to some music and like always, he looks great!! Also, there is some scene in a club I guess where he is talking to a girl. Now I’m waiting for the pics of the leading man Lee Dong Gun as it has been a looooong time since we saw him on-screen. Well, I did see him in Sweet 18 which I watched recently but it came in 2004 and things have greatly changed since then.

Marry Him If You Dare airs its first episode on 14 October taking the Monday- Tuesday slot from Good Doctor on KBS and also stars Han Chae Ah.

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