‘Heirs’ Preview: Episodes 9-10


I enjoyed episodes 7 and 8 of Heirs a lot. They were filled with sweet and romantic scenes between Tan and Eun Sang, who are definitely my favorite characters in the show. Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye‘s chemistry is getting better and better and I simply loved the closet scene, how Tan read the message left by Eun Sang in the US and also the light, funny interactions between the two. Young Do can’t hold a candle in front of Tan as far as relation with Eun Sang is concerned as he never even had a decent two-word conversation with her, except threatening or scaring her. I have no sympathy whatsoever with him but Kim Woo Bin is doing a great job portraying it with charisma. Tan and Eun Sang already have a frank and warm relation right from the get go and they have fallen for each other. Still, I would like Tan to leave Eun Sang alone for a while as he is just increasing her problems right now. I want to add a funny observation I had this past week. I’m not watching revenge melo Secret but did see that much talked about kiss scene and you have to see it to judge it but in my opinion, it was very gross and offensive. But the folks who called it romantic and hot, did not waste anytime in declaring the last scene in Heirs as very forceful. LOL. Talk about double standards. Honestly speaking, I don’t have any views regarding that kiss in Heirs as the shot was cut in between and we don’t even know what is its conclusion. And I don’t agree fully that Tan became dominating in that canteen as it was more of a reaction on seeing Eun Sang all shaking with fear. I just hope that our heroine gather some courage to accept her financial condition and free herself from so much pressure.

Preview for episodes 9 and 10 is out and from the looks of it, some confession, some fighting and some angst is coming up this week. There is a little plot movement in Heirs but I still find it delightful. I just wish that more time is given to other characters as well. I’m seeing that some people are just over reacting with negativity on the show and trying to come up with variety of reasons to criticize it. I just have to say: relax!! 🙂

20 thoughts on “‘Heirs’ Preview: Episodes 9-10

  1. DDee

    It must feel so lonely to be one of the few saying you’re enjoying Heirs right? I liked this pair of episodes on the whole, but I’ll be honest and say that the skinship really bugged me, because I felt it was so awkward and and unnatural, like how they usually are together. But now, I’ve concluded, it makes sense because they are so in the shit in that school and in that house, and it brings out the worst in him, so it ain’t like it was in California. So I’m rooting for them and for Kim Tan to whip out a Gaze of REMORSE. Finger’s crossed!

    And the funny thing about Secret, the way chatter is going, it sounds like it’s SOOO much better than Heirs, so I was curious (plus I do like a good melo) and I was sick with nothing to do so I marathoned some eps, and BOY IT MADE ME FEEL WORSE. It’s makjang but not even in a good way. Ji Sung is probably the best thing about it. I haven’t gotten to the infamous kiss but I am bracing myself.

    1. snow_white Post author

      LOL 😀
      you must see that KISS and do tell me your opinion…

      really?? I thought that Secret must be all amazing after everyone was gushing over it…..not leaving the discussion threads of other shows as well 😛

      I know about enjoying Heirs….but that happens only at recap threads at Dramabeans and Koalas Playground….I’ve found some places where folks do like it….like my bloggers community that I really LOVE (even when we differ in opinion sometimes)..and analyse it positively (more than I even think about…haha)…the site is Scattered Jooni…. 🙂

      1. tokkioncrack

        Same here. Heirs maybe routine and shallow but it’s a good watch. After all the raving about secret in the OT I did the same thing, went and watched the kiss and a few bits. Sad to say I don’t see the appeal. I wondered why Bae soo bin seems to get similar roles (49 days anyone?) nice in the first rotten in the end.
        Anyway I’m sticking to Heirs atleast for the cast. Kim woo bin is awesomely creepy right!

        1. snow_white Post author

          Everybody is gushing over Secret…I thought it might be really good…well, different strokes for different folks 🙂

          I think Heirs does has heart at some places if not all…I’m enjoying it…and yes, Kim Woo Bin’s Young do is creepy!!

      2. DDee

        Well, about Secret, it may just be my grumpiness at being ill so take it with a pinch of salt. I should come back to watching dramas when I’m feeling better.

        Yes, I noticed peeps on Jooni are all quite cheery. I think I should stay away from DB recaps for the time being until I get better too, or else it will add to my grumpiness!

  2. Caitlyn Burton

    Omo! Eun Sang totally tells Tan she likes him in that preview! And I like it that she stands up to Rachel, even though she does recognise why Rachel might have an issue with her.

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  4. brightfotini

    I continue to love all the interactions between Tan and Eun Sang. They are adorable, funny and they really suit each other. 🙂
    Also loved the closet scene and I would actually want to go all the way and kiss because it was such a great moment but I understand why it didn’t happen. As for the second one, we really can’t say much. Was it forceful? Kind of but not so much at the same time.. We have to wait and see episode 9.
    And as for Tan, I just think that he hasn’t find to right way to “protect” Eun Sang. I’m positive that he will and stop just telling her what to do.
    I enjoy watching Heirs too and I don’t like watching all the hate going on. I appreciate different opinions and people not liking it but some comments are plain nasty, for my taste.. I don’t know maybe I’m taking them a bit too seriously but still..
    The preview looks very very interesting so I can’t wait!

    1. snow_white Post author

      I just ignore them….because they look more like deliberate thing rather than thoughtful analysis…I doubt they even watch the show….and even if they do, why they torture themselves when they think it’s so bad…LOL 😀

      From now on, I’m not gonna visit those discussion threads for my peace of mind 😉

      But if you want a place where people discuss it positively, it’s “scattered joonni”…

  5. evez

    ..e9 and e10 are really exciting..looks like the real face-off between Tan and Young Do is going to happen…as expected Kim Tan’s charm towards Eun Sang is always that lovely…plus Woobie is doing a great job as a badass Young Do…he’s really good!…can’t wait for the succeeding episodes…it looks very engaging…and there will be more enticing moments between the lead casts….love it much!…hope the trend on this drama don’t die down…

  6. Eleanor

    I am looking forward to this week episodes as well. although the story seems very good, i think 8 episodes to introduce characters and the relationship between them is MORE THAN ENOUGH ! I like every one, the lead as well as the supporting characters but the story need to start now, it is 20 episodes drama not 50 episodes which makes me really wonder what is going to be happening later, are they going to rush it at the end or maybe the next episodes brings things that we would not expect.

    1. snow_white Post author

      I know….basically there is very little story here….but I’m still enjoying it!! 🙂
      Maybe it will go on like this only till the last episode…LOL..


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