Serendipity from Heirs OST


I wish this song was used frequently in Heirs instead of that-song-which-shall-not-be-named. I think this is one of the issues with the  drama that there is overuse of songs and that kills the natural essence of the scene and frankly speaking, I don’t like Love is the moment song AT ALL. Still, there are some songs from the OST that I dig. Serendipity by 2Young is one of them and the most I like. It gives me a bittersweet feeling because it reminds me of the happy lovey-dovey and lighter days my OTP spent in California as the song was played during that period. But now they are in the sad zone and taking things too seriously even when they are just 18 years old. I think the drama was in such a rush to show their obstacles that it left the whole dating part and jumped onto the problems and separation even before Kim Tan and Eun Sang went through romance period. It’s like a flower that withered before even blooming. Anyway, the preview makes me hopeful that finally we’ll get some fun and happiness for Tan and ES.

I’ve embedded the song and I like it a lot!! And I totally heart this couple 🙂

7 thoughts on “Serendipity from Heirs OST

  1. DDee

    DITTO! This is my fave song from the show for that very reason too–this was the cruising in California soundtrack, when it was all sweetness and light. Oh how things have changed in the show! Sigh…

  2. brightfotini

    Hahaha, I must be the ONLY one that (still) likes Love is the Moment..
    I even have it on my mp3.. :p
    But this song is really good too.. All the Cali parts come back to my mind.. Very dreamy.. 🙂


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