Heirs: Episodes 13-14 Preview

 photo h_zpsc6239b2f.jpeg You know what, Heirs reminds me of the teenage portion of every romantic melodrama out there, incorporating all staples of it: the separation, heaviness and seriousness and that’s where its flaw lies: with scads of young actors, it could have been such an energetic, tender, jubilant rom-com but it looks overemotional as the protagonists here are teenagers and the issues surrounding them are loads of. This is the complaint I have with the drama but other than that, I’ve enjoyed each of its episode and never got bored. It’s the untapped potential of characters and actors that irks me. I love the main couple and thankfully, they get most of the screen time so I enjoy the show in each of its frame. Other than these two, I simply love their moms and Kang Ha Neul‘s Hyo Shin and his scenes with Tan are a delight. And add Bo Na and Chan Young as the cutest couple, and I get lots of goodies from Heirs. I like Kim Woo Bin a lot but Young Do is a character which I think should have got something else rather than adding him in the love triangle as it’s weak. Tan and Eun Sang already are in love and have spent meaningful, bickering, romantic and sad moments together and no way it can be equivalent to whatever happens between Eun Sang and YD. I did feel that YD was pitiful when he talked about being lonely and his scars. Hopefully, he and Tan will be friends again and please let him have a love line with Rachel!

Last week, especially episode 12 was really good and Lee Min Ho was superb with his eyes speaking thousand words. Tan got his moment to shine as he stood for what he is and revealed his status of being illegitimate. I liked how he held his mom’s hand throughout that scene. I’m happy that we are finally getting out of the useless tug of war over a girl and (hopefully) moving onto other plot lines. And yes, the surprise ingredient was the beauty of that scene between Tan and Hyun Joo. Loved it. Plus, the last scene with our couple mirroring their emotions was very well done.

The much awaited preview for episodes 13 and 14 is out for Heirs and I’m glad that the cuteness is back between the OTP. I hope it goes on and on as these two are at their best when they don’t worry about the divide and all. It looks like they will be staying together somewhere (Eeeeeee!!!) and Tan’s dad is again doing something annoying to send ourΒ heroine abroad (meh).

13 thoughts on “Heirs: Episodes 13-14 Preview

  1. Caitlyn

    Are they both staying at the school now? Isn’t that where Young Do hangs out? lol. I agree with you that Young Do shouldn’t be in the love triangle because Eun Sang and Tan are already in love and no one else will come between that. Not another love interest, anyway. I really hope YD and Rachel start their loveline soon!

    1. snow_white Post author

      yeah right….it’s the same place where YD and MS hang out…I wonder how they came there….

      only 8 eps are left….Rachel and YD should have a love line…please show!!

  2. brightfotini

    Ok ok I LOVE Hyo Shin.. I just do.. haha.. πŸ™‚
    I think it was Tan’s character that shined in these two episodes.. The scene were he reveals everything, the one with Hyun Joo, the last one with Eun San (this scene, ohh the feelings!!).. I just thought Lee MIn Ho did an excellent job.. πŸ™‚
    The preview looks very interesting so I can’t wait!

    1. snow_white Post author

      I haven’t seen any of Kang Ha Neul’s shows and even in his lesser screen time, he has won my love!!
      Yes…the preview is making it so hard to wait for next ep πŸ™‚

  3. bella57

    I love the show, and while I realize I am in the minority here, I like YD. Yes, he’s a bully, immature, but he is also thoughtful and respectful.
    We forget the 1st scenes where he was bullying the student. We equally forget KT saying; “I made those rules. I started the bullying” and CY saying to ES “everyone at the school wants to see KT fall and be hurt”. We forget that aspect of KT; he’s no different than YD; worse even because he is the one who started the bullying.
    That said: I like BN and CY: totally cutest couple ever. I like how she continues to help ES for all the wrong reasons, but in doing so, shows her inner beauty. Love the line: don’t listen to him. Catch a cold” HA HA
    I would like to see KWJ (YD) and LMH (KT) play friends in another series.

    1. snow_white Post author

      KT was a bully in the past but now he has corrected himself upto certain extent…which cannot be said for YD…
      KT is thoughtful and considerate and never starts a fight by himself and only reacts in certain situations…
      BN and CY are really cute, especially her….she brings lots of humor to the show πŸ™‚


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