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I’m a bit under the weather and hence the inactivity with respect to blogging. There are already so many December dramas on my plate and the addition doesn’t seem to end. I’m trying to find a flaw or discouragement that can prevent me from trying any of the upcoming shows but each comes with its own attractive features that I will have to take them in my schedule. Only one thing can be done: watch some live and keep some for later marathon. So the latest drama is Miss Korea, for which I’m blowing hot and cold since I read about it. First I liked the premise of a group of friends who band together to turn a local girl into Miss Korea. Then, the show cast Lee Yeon Hee, an actor I’m not interested in watching as the main lead for straight 16 or so episodes. It’s not like I have seen her in anything except Gu Family Book but whatever I did see, I wasn’t impressed at all. Maybe it had to do a lot with the fact that I didn’t like her character there which made all foolish decisions in second episode. Then again the drama signed on Lee Sun Kyun aka Mr. Voice and the end result is that I’m interested!!

Miss Korea is set in 1997 and is basically about a failing cosmetics company that tries to revive itself by turning a former prettiest and most popular girl into next beauty queen. But that girl has now lost all that good-old-days glory and works as an elevator girl. Lee Sun Kyun is an employee of the said company and the drama will be mixing comedy and romance. The story does sound upbeat and somewhat an underdog tale, which I love. The show also stars Lee Ki Woo (Flower Boy Ramyun Shop) as an antagonist who will be locking horns with our hero, Lee Sung Min (who was awesome in The King 2 Hearts) and Lee Mi Sook (You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin) as director of Queen House Salon. I love the cast and the setup.

Miss Korea replaces Medical Top Team on MBC, which is having a poor performance in terms of ratings. It comes from the team of Pasta, so we can expect a light-hearted, feel-good and gleeful drama.

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