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This week is what I call Happy Heirs Week. Episodes 13 and 14 of Heirs left everyone with satisfaction and goodies: viewers enjoyed them immensely while the show received more than 20% rating for both the episodes, taking over the top slot for Wednesday-Thursday dramas. Yay for the cast and crew which is working hard in this cold weather. Heirs was filled with lots of goodness this week but what really made it delightful was the abundance of OTP scenes which were filled with range of sentiments, from melo to cute to sweet to flirty to scorchingly hot!! This is what I wanted the show to be right from the get go and it did satisfy me initially but later went into useless love triangle and irritating bullying, separation etc. Anyway, it looks like the energy and light heartedness is there and hopefully it will remain till the show ends in three weeks.

The plot moved quickly with lots of funny things coming from everyone. Besides the OTP, I loved comic beats coming from Myung Soo, that also involved a meta scene from City Hunter and that cab scene was truly hilarious. Then, the adorableness of Bo Na and Chan Young, the lovely new trio of Tan, his mom and Eun Sang, sort of ice breaking between Tan and Won, Young Do’s thoughtfulness (I know!), Tan calling his three friends Hyo Shin (love him), Myung Soo and Chan Young to help him out, only to meet with blank faces (Ha!) and most importantly Eun Sang’s self-confident attitude and feistiness. Shades of forcefulness in Tan’s attitude sometimes does annoy me but I blame the script for that because the writer’s heroes are all like that. But the good thing is he knows when to be the cute, sweet and finally a supportive boyfriend. I liked that everything is out in the open and there is very little place for the favorite trope of dramaland aka noble idiocy. And I’m assuming that the love triangle has also got a full stop now.

As I have always mentioned, my favorite thing of Heirs remains my darling couple of Tan and Eun Sang and I like that if we keep aside the melodramatic element, they have shared quite natural conversations and moments. They are no more fearful of their respective status and are together to face the world. This all sounds pretty dramatic if we see it through the lens of real life but ultimately this show never said it’s going to be realistic. Anyway, here are some highlighted moments between the couple this week and yes, Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye do have a great chemistry!

PS: Just noticed while writing this post that Tan is wearing the same clothes throughout this week. LOL.

The tears and the heart tugging hug:

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The night together: I love how cheesy Tan can be but totally adorable:

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This was an amazing scene when ES held his hands in school as if she is ready to walk with him (they even played my favorite track Serendipity during the scene which made me extra happy)

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the doughnut scene….flirty!!

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cute, cute, cute (I really liked when ES said that she brought mom as a hostage to see Tan)

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and finally the hotness!! The sizzling moment!!

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