‘Let’s Eat’ with food and mystery combo starts today on tvN


I recently watched Pretty Man and it had a weird mix of genre that we usually don’t expect: cute with mystery. And now we have tvN’s new show Let’s Eat that is combining food and murder mystery into one! Well, that surely sounds like somebody’s got bats on belfry. Anyway, it is actually a romantic comedy about a 33-year-old single lawyer who got divorced in her 20s and now lives alone. She is dignified in personality but can’t control herself on the sight of food. Lee Soo Kyung plays the main role. I really liked her in Color Of Woman where she managed to make her character very likeable when there was risk of getting typecast as the annoying second female lead. Our hero is Yoon Doo Joon (IRIS 2) who is in the role of a gourmet who has the habit of lying but is quite considerate. The drama also stars Yoon So Hee, who last appeared in sageuk Sword And Flower and Shim Hyung Tak (Brain) as the head lawyer of the firm where our heroine works. The show is basically about these four singles who live in the same neighbourhood and a murder that occurs there. The drama is giving me a warm and cute feeling and the stills are up to the mark to prove this point.

If you are a foodie like me, Let’s Eat will give you extra dose of appeal. It comes from the team behind long running Rude Miss Young-Ae, another tvN show which has aired many seasons till date. It starts airing today with a weekly time slot of Thursdays and has 16 episodes.

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9 thoughts on “‘Let’s Eat’ with food and mystery combo starts today on tvN

  1. DDee

    This drama had me at food! It sounds made for me. If I had anymore headspace for another drama I’d watch it but I will marathon this when it’s done

  2. brightfotini

    Hello hello! I’m so excited for this one. When I heard food and mystery I was so in. 🙂
    I have yet to catch up with Pretty Man (and so many others that I’m watching) but I’ve read that it has a mystery aspect in it too which was kind of unexpected..

    1. snow_white Post author

      ohh hiiiii….are you back?? how was your trip??
      Pretty Man was cute but the second ep was not that interesting…and IU’s character is cute but a bit crazy…so that didn’t help…I’ve kept it on hold as more interesting dramas are coming up 🙂

      1. brightfotini

        Yes I’m back!! Did anyone miss me? Haha.. 🙂
        And I haven’t been able to catch up with anything except last weeks Heirs..
        I see with Pretty Man. I’m gonna watch the first episodes and see how it goes.. I have so many dramas that I want to watch and I don’t have the time.. It’s a shame!!

          1. brightfotini

            Ohh thanks!! 🙂
            I was so impatient that I read some parts from the recaps and that was NOT a good thing when I wasn’t able to watch the whole thing.. But I’m catching up today!
            And I’m pretty sure I will agree with you about these episodes being so good.. I have a feeling.. 🙂

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