Ji Jin Hee and Han Hye Jin in melodrama ‘One Warm Word’


Now this one looks perfect for a makjang melodrama. One Warm Word is the upcoming show about a convoluted story of two married couples. Ji Jin Hee (The Great Seer) and Kim Ji Soo (King Geunchogo) play husband and wife but he has an affair with another married woman Han Hye Jin (Thorn Birds) and we have Lee Sang Woo (Goddess of Marriage) in her husband’s role. ANd if that was not enough, he also cheats. I just laughed out loud at the premise because it is just so over-the-top melodramatic! Also, when Kim Ji Soo’s character finds out about her husband’s actions, she remains quiet but starts keeping tabs on him. Hm, that’s something we don’t see regularly. The show also stars Lee Chae Mi, the sweetheart from Two Weeks. She is simply cute as a button. Well, One Warm Word is something I usually don’t think twice about avoiding as I’m averse to main characters who are cheaters and have weak principles. Hey, a girl needs someone to root for and the only interesting thing that comes out of this is the child actress who I really like. But of course, it’s perfect if you are a fan of this genre because they are surely fun to watch if laced with nice performances and tight script!

One Warm Words takes over the Monday-Tuesday slot from Suspicious Housekeeper on SBS which saw decline in ratings after long sageuk Empress Ki started. It is directed by PD of Five Fingers and penned by the writer of Can We Get Married? with a total of 20 episodes. It premieres on 2nd December. Check out the posters and stills.

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6 thoughts on “Ji Jin Hee and Han Hye Jin in melodrama ‘One Warm Word’

  1. wmpc

    Thanks for the write-up! The theme does not really entice me either but any Han Hye-Jin drama is a must-watch for me!! Well, hopefully there will be a redeeming factor and some good values in the conclusion of the drama.


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