‘I Need Romance’ brings third installment with Sung Joon and Kim So Yeon as leads

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I haven’t seen the previous two dramas of the I Need Romance franchise but the moment I read that the upcoming third installment has cast Kim So Yeon and Sung Joon as leads, I instantly marked it as a must watch. I have seen Kim So Yeon in

only her latest show Two Weeks but that was enough to enthrall me and as far as Sung Joon is concerned, I haven’t even seen him in a complete drama proper with only watching him in few episodes before dropping Gu Family Book and liked him even with his hilarious hairdo and very less screen time. And I don’t know, he just looks charismatic from all the pictures and stills from his shows I’ve seen till date. This one surely looks like a hot noona-romance pair and yes, believable.

I Need Romance 3 sounds similar to one of my favorites Dalja’s Spring as it has the similar noona-romance as well as the premise which is set in home shopping channel. Kim So Yeon is a 33-year-old fashion marketing director here who is of course great in her job but not so when it comes to love. Sung Joon is 27-year-old genius (of course) songwriter who is our heroine’s childhood friend and returns from abroad and they end up living under the same roof. Yay for cohabitation hijinks. The other actors joining the drama are Nam Goong Min (Unemployed Romance) as heroine’s senior at work, Wang Ji Won (Good Doctor) as her friend and model-turned-stylist, Park Yoo Hwan (Can’t Live Without You) and Yoon Seung Ah (Panda And The Hedgehog) as other workplace colleagues. I really like this cast and I love workplace dramas, so this is shaping up perfectly as a drama I’m very excited about.

I Need Romance (the first one) has all the viewers almost on the same page as they loved it but found the ending disappointing while the second one received mixed reviews which range from love to hate. I wasn’t interested in any of the two and hence skipped them. I Need Romance 3 is basically a workplace drama portraying friendships, rivalries and romances. It starts airing from January next year on tvN.

10 thoughts on “‘I Need Romance’ brings third installment with Sung Joon and Kim So Yeon as leads

  1. DDee

    I wasn’t completely sold on this too until I heard about the cast. So many cutie pies–Nam Goong Min, Sung Joon and Kim So Yeon! In a noona romance too. How not to watch?

  2. hangukhobby

    The cast is what’s making me want to watch it. The plot also sounds different than the first two, but the endings >.< I didn't enjoy the first as much as the second(I watched season 2 first, though), but if this is supposed to be part of the INR series and not just another noona-dongseng romance, I'm afraid I'll die of frustration.

    1. snow_white Post author

      LOL….there are so many mixed reviews about the whole INR franchise….some loved 1st and hated the 2nd….and vice-versa for others…but yes, the only reason for my interest is the cast here 🙂

  3. BetsyHp

    Urgh! The conflict! Great cast, great premise… but storytellers I’ve lost all trust in. 😦 Here’s hoping for a lovely, lovely unexpected story-victory! Because yeah, I’ll be watching. 😉

    Also, if you’ve not seen Sung Joon act… oh, the dramas you could choose from! White Christmas if you want a thriller, Can We Get Married? if you’re more in the mood for an indie feeling, slice-of-life, rom-com, or Shut Up Flower Boy Band if you’d like a romance with a hefty dose of bromance. I highly recommend all three. 😀 (Bonus: his hair looks great in all of them. 😉 )

    1. snow_white Post author

      Thanks a lot for the recommendations….SUFBB is definitely on my plan to watch list…

      I know you’ve had very bad experiences with INR series..:P..
      I’m solely interested in INR 3 because of the cast….let’s see…maybe third time’s the charm

  4. evez

    …well what can i say?…i love Sung Joon, he so adorable as one of the Play Boys along with Woobie and Lee So-Hyuk …i love him in Lie To Me/GFB and Shut Up Flower Boy Band…so it’s a good thing to know he has a new drama…


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