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As expected, Prime Minister And I delivered another wonderful episode that whipped up just the right cocktail of romance, comedy and family drama. Lee Bum Soo and Yoona won the KBS Drama award for best couple and even when I know these events are as good as a tea gone cold, still if a deserving person wins, it feels good and these two have undeniable charming chemistry for sure. Episode 7 was soaked with lots of goodness; right from the cute bantering to the awesome running together to Da Jung helping out the new family members in her own ways to her realisation of the importance of Yul she feels. Also, the funny bit when Da Jung thinks that Yul fainted because of over-consumption of sleeping pills and starts slapping him when actually he is just sleeping. Ha. I also liked that Yul as well as Woo-ri questioned Da Jung about her care giving room for her to think over everything, taking everyone’s perspective. One more thing I like about PMAI is that how quickly it solves the conflicts, big or small, and that surely earns brownie points as it is not an easy feat in dramaland where things can drag for infinite time.

Preview for episode 8 is here and it looks like Da Jung will be struggling with her feelings. In-ho seems to try more on his possible revenge mission or maybe he genuinely has feelings for Da Jung. Whatever. As if I care.

On a happy note, Prime Minister And I will have an extension of one episode. YAY. Can’t get enough of this enchanting couple.

English translation as the dialogues are played in the video

He saved you because he likes you.


Think of it as your clothes.
Just lean on me.

I told you not to touch me!

Are you perverted?

What’s wrong with me?

What am I doing?

Tell me! Why are you helping me?

I told you, it’s personal.

You just need to stop the Prime Minister.

As if he’s vegetated.

What do you mean
nothing more than that?

The Prime Minister will never
get over his wife.

No one can enter his heart.

I want to ask about the Prime Minister.

Yeah, she brought a stalker.

I see what’s going on.

A fake or an affair.

You want to know who I like?

Who? Who is it?

The person I like is you.