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After daily soap Two Women’s Room, the next drama to take its slot on SBS is You’re Only Mine which is premiering today. It is a story about a girl who is the daughter of a poor widow but gets involved in a terrible crime committed by a son and mother duo. The plot shows how she starts fresh with a new life after this occurrence. The star cast includes Lee Min Young (Fermentation Family), Jung Sung Hwan (101st Proposal), Song Jae Hee (Rooftop Prince) and Han Da Min (Dong Yi). With the usual long length of 100+ episodes, the drama is of course not my cup of tea. But there are definitely a large number of viewers who are addicted and love these daily shows, however makjang or stereotyped they are, with a plot as predictable as the canteen menu. You’re Only Mine will air from Monday to Friday and the posters of the show do look beautiful but have the usual four leads together without much innovative ideas. I used to watch a lot of daily dramas earlier (not Korean of course) but now I neither have the time nor patience for the multiple plots that can change their course midway or the larger than life characters and motives, and last but not least the convoluted mess a plot becomes in the second half of the series.

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