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Prime Minister And I has maintained its characteristic of being a light-hearted fun with lots of heart and warmth and having only minor hurdles to cross with each new week. Of course, the major obstacle remains the backstory regarding Yul’s first wife and In Ho’s brother as well as the hesitations by Yul to give love a second chance as he is a principled man who doesn’t want to only go by his feelings as he is unaware of the fact that even Da Jung has started liking him. Also, the burden of his past doesn’t allow him to desire happiness for himself. I am not clearly sure about what actually happened that time but a rough idea is that his wife did have an extra marital affair but Yul was ready to let her go. Or another guess can be that she wasn’t involved romantically and it was only a one-sided love by In Ho’s brother. Only three weeks are left for this delightful little show and I think the upcoming episodes will continue its style of simplicity and feel-goodness. Episode 11 left us on the tense moment of Yul getting stabbed but I’m hoping that this incident will serve vital narrative purpose by bringing our OTP closer or maybe they’ll even confess (a girl can hope!), In Ho and Joon Ki might become less severe with their aim and the puzzles of the past might be solved. The preview for Episode 12 indicates that Hye Joo is leaving Yul’s side and going with Joon Ki. I like that she has remained firm on her beliefs and dedication without indulging in any tricks to separate the OTP other than just feeling sad about it. Also, some mysterious woman is visiting In Ho’s brother and I really hope it’s not Yul’s ex-wife as that will be totally opposite to this drama’s approach of being normal and simple. Anyhow, the central romance remains the best thing about Prime Minister And I along with the family theme and it is the little moments in the show that stand out and give it a magical awesomeness.


Dialogues as played in the video

I guess the final puzzle piece fit in.

You think that the accident was caused by Kwon Yul?

In my heart, it wasn’t easy to accept and recognize it.

Even if something else unexpected happens,

don’t be too shocked.

A volunteer work, Sir?

I’ll take good care of your brother, so

Don’t worry.

Was there perhaps someone to visit my brother?

A woman.

I’m pretty like an angel, aren’t I.

You’re really cute.

I have something

to say to the Prime Minister

Didn’t you say you had something to say to me?

Why are you suddenly resigning?

Because I think there is no place for me next to the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister, stay healthy.

If you don’t mind, would it be alright for me to introduce you to my aid?

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