After completing a drama, the next big question that every kdrama addict faces is what will be their next drama. There are numerous factors that decide our choice for the succeeding venture and I thought of compiling a few of them here. Let’s see what is your reason or method of choosing your next drama:

1. Mode of drama watching

One can either chose a live drama to watch or a marathoning of something that has already completed its run. Usually a new kdrama addict prefers the latter mode where he spends days and nights watching more and more dramas (my record of completing a drama in shortest time is 3 days.) One eats, sleeps and breathes dramas whole day! But if you are busy in your real life, live watching is the best option: only two episodes a week and you can’t help but wait for the next episodes. Meanwhile, one can continue with the daily, more necessary affairs.

2. Google is your best friend

This is the best option for newbies. In my starting days, I was not aware of the blogs and sites on dramas and thus my best option to search for best dramas out there was google and it really helped me a lot as I could see tons of viewers recommending same classic popular dramas like Coffee Prince, You’re Beautiful, Goong, Boys Before Flowers, Playful Kiss, My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, Full House etc. I also discovered Dramawiki, which was all I wanted as it contains summaries, star cast, posters, number of episodes, genre, etc. and it was my first step to reach my very first drama Delightful Girl Choon Hyang as I’m a sucker for ‘marriage of convenience’ themes and after reading so many synopsis, I finally found it and rest is history.

3. Dramawiki

It is the best site to give you an insight about a drama and it is greatly useful when you are searching for a kind of story or filmography of an actor to go for your next drama. Ratings are tabled as well.

4. Dramabeans

Favorite site of all drama lovers and it actually has an awesome ratings page. More often than not their ratings have proved to be a lot useful to me. But there were times when I liked a drama a lot more than those ratings (Playful Kiss, for example) and there were cases where I didn’t like a show as much as the writers there. And after becoming an experienced watcher, I think viewers don’t rely much on that and decide for their own flavor of the drama they want to watch. Still, Dramabeans is the best place to get a review about what one should watch if in a dilemma.

5. Actors

One thing is as sure as gravity that everyone has their actor biases and they can endure an awful drama just for that one actor and who knows even love it! C’mon now, I’m sure you must have gone through this phase sometime during the dramaland ride. Therefore, the choice of the next drama can hugely depend on the actors involved and in most of the cases of a drama aficionado, this is the main factor.

6. Synopsis

This is one of the major factors that plays a role for me in choosing my drama. Sometimes it does happen to be like walking on a thin ice because a lot depends on the execution as well.

7. Genre

Rom-com, thriller, melodrama, comedy, family: you name it, K-drama world is full of all the genres and the next drama can sometimes depend on the mood we are in to watch a particular type of show.

8. Popularity

I’m sure the popularity buzz always plays a major role for the selection of our dramas. “Love it or hate it but you can’t ignore it” aptly applies to dramaland. Every year we have at least a few shows that are rated very high on the popularity meter and you can’t help but try it as everyone else is watching it and you don’t want to miss the fun (or boredom)!

9. Reviews

Another good factor. If a show is garnering rave reviews on the net, it will take no time to land on your next drama spot.

10. Miscellaneous

There can be various miscellaneous reasons as well: suggestions from your real life friends (most unlikely), suggestions from your internet friends (most likely), people are even using randomizer app (LOL), just picking up a random drama from the ‘plan-to-watch’ list, etc.

11. Behind-The-Camera team

Now this factor is only for the experienced viewers who are well-acquainted with the PDs and writers of dramaverse. If you have a favorite, you will definitely watch their next dramas. For me, I do take notice but except my favorite Hong Sisters (You’re Beautiful, Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, My Girl fame), this factor is among the last ones I consider.