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Episode 12 of Prime Minister And I was a low-key one with great character moments and a pleasant surprise in the last scene. I just love how the show weaves all the warm family moments. The way it handled the bonding between Yul and Woo Ri was so nicely done. I loved that it was not sugary sweet but exactly in Yul’s style of mixing care, love and his strictness as a father. Also, it was so adorable and touching to see Na Ra calling Da Jung as mom. It made them realise how close they are and what is actually their relationship with each other. All the scenes of the family at the church were superbly and naturally done. I also like that the whole Woo Ri, Na Ra and Da Jung relationship arc has been handled efficiently with the gradual likeness developing between them instead of some big incident happening to bring them close.

And PMAI gets more brownie points for having a thoughtful second female lead in Hye Joo which is like finding needle in a haystack in dramaland which loves its bitchy and plotting second female leads. I really feel pity for her for loving a man one-sidedly for twenty years and not finding courage to confess her feelings. I liked how she keeps on supporting and helping Yul and I feel sad that now she has decided to leave his side because she realised that there was no place for her beside him and how much he likes Da Jung.

I’m sure Yul’s first wife Na Young is alive (I haven’t seen ep 13 yet) otherwise if she is a doppelgänger, that will be so weird and out of the box for an unpretentious and simple drama like PMAI that has remained grounded despite the fantastic basic contract marriage plot and comedic approach. I like that In Ho is in dilemma to take revenge or not and I think that it is driven by not only his affections for Da Jung but also the likeness for the PM.

And lastly, I LOVED the whole connection between our couple and the Arabian Nights story. The way Da Jung narrates her own feelings while reading the story and finally, Yul joining the dots together, was beautifully shown. The candid conversations between the two always make me happy. I liked that our heroine confessed her feelings straightforwardly without beating around the bush or hesitations. It was kind of funny that Yul got two confessions that day: one from Hye Joo and another from his wife! Let’s see how he deals with this situation now that Da Jung has opened her heart in front of him.