Lots and lots of stills for ‘Cunning Single Lady’ that premieres next week


Now that I have one less drama to watch (I dropped Full Sun from my list as it wasn’t interesting enough for me), I think I can easily bring upcoming rom-com Cunning Single Lady (or Sly And Single Again) in the live watch schedule. It is premiering next week on MBC as the replacement for Miss Korea in the Wednesday-Thursday slot. A warning that this post consists of a plethora of stills from the drama that stars Lee Min Jung in the titular role of a woman who is shallow in her thinking and Joo Sang Wook as a genius (yes, here you are) engineer who transforms from his initial days of struggle into success. They both get married but divorce later. Things become interesting when she tries to win him back after seeing him now as a rich man while he wants revenge for leaving him and now coming back due to his present affluent status. Any romantic comedy or rather any drama is incomplete without a love square and so we have Kim Gyuri and Seo Kang Joon completing it. She plays our hero’s business partner while the latter stars as her brother and being attracted towards our heroine. L plays Joo Sang Wook’s secretary and friend who has been with him from his struggling days and they have been together through thick and thin. I think the drama is going for a slapstick approach in its humour with a dash of workplace hijinks as well. The stills show variety of things: Lee Min Jung juggling so many part-time jobs, our couple’s wedding pics and their blissful days of love, the new appearance of our hero from a geek to a rich (and hot) chaebol, our OTP’s awkward meeting after so many years and rest of the cast as well. Have a look. Just a reminder that Cunning Single Lady is starting on 27 February and it’s a Thursday as there is still the finale episode left for Miss Korea.

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20 thoughts on “Lots and lots of stills for ‘Cunning Single Lady’ that premieres next week

  1. DDee

    Hah there are alot of geniuses running around dramaland lately. You dropped Full Sun? I was thinking of checking that out but I haven’t gotten round to it yet

    1. snow_white Post author

      LOL….oh yes…actually I started it and after 30 minutes, I was not having a feeling to even complete the first episode…maybe it will get better but for now, I’m dropping it 🙂

      1. DDee

        I think I need to wait a little until the mood for a good melodrama strikes me. Hv a lot of my plate right now (I’m only watching two but that’s more than I can handle right now.) Sigh.

          1. DDee

            Yes me too! And I just read someone go, oh aside frm this show, that show, and that, and this, and that, I’m not really watching anything. Erm, hello that’s five shows. Must be a slow week for her or something…;)

  2. BetsyHp

    Huh. For some reason the penny never dropped for me that Lee Min-jung is the star in this. I love her, but haven’t been interested in her last few dramas. Hopefully this one will be fun!

    (The premise looks promising — but that’s no guarantee, as I’ve learned.)

    1. snow_white Post author

      Premise can be so misleading….but it helps in raising the interest 😉

      I’m not a LMJ fan but have liked her in some of her projects…..hopefully this one will bring fun!

  3. evez

    ahhhh!…chincha!…i am excited to see Infinite’s L…i love Myung Soo, i love his Shut Up Flower Boy Band with Sung Joon…i do expect this flower boy to do a lead in the future…<3

      1. evez

        OH?…you should if you have time!…amongst the Flower Boy drama from tVn, i feel that that SUFBB is the best for me not only because of Infinite’s L and Sung joon, i love the camaraderie in there…though YSY’s FBND and JIL’s FBRS is a good watch also.


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