Yoo In Na graces the pages of 1st Look Volume 62

It’s interesting to note that Yoo In Na has appeared in the role of an actress three times. First she was the snotty but harmless top actress in Best Love, then she played a newbie actor in Queen In Hyun’s Man and currently starring as the supporting-turned-main actress in ratings superhit You From Another Star. But it is to her credit that she has managed to keep all these characters starkly different: Best Love had her very bratty, Queen In Hyun’s Man showed her very adorable and sweet like the perfume of roses and now she is slightly pitiful but more antagonistic in You From Another Star. I think she has efficiently established the roles with distinct flavours of their own. I do admit that she is being under utilised in You From Another Star but I’m on episode 10 right now so hopefully the opinion might change later. I’m just glad that her character finally confessed her feelings for Park Hae Jin‘s Hwi Kyung as I want them to end up together in the show (I have this proclivity to root for more than one OTP in a drama!)

I like Yoo In Na a lot. She has that vivacious persona and oomph factor in her that makes her immensely likable. She is gracing the pages of 1st Look Volume 62 and I like that the pictures are all having a different appeal and she is looking gorgeous as always. There is this lively energy that she carries with her which is totally endearing. She definitely ups the glam quotient in this pictorial.

yin4 yin3 yin2 yin

8 thoughts on “Yoo In Na graces the pages of 1st Look Volume 62

  1. missienelly

    She’s cute cute but somehow I’m not attracted to her as a fan… It just the way she plays her character. Snotty but not snotty enough. Pretty not pretty enough. Bitchy but not bitchy enough. It’s like there’s a missing piece in her IMO.

    1. snow_white Post author

      Hahahaha….so cute of you missienelly 😉

      I am not her huge fan but found her really adorable in Queen In Hyun’s Man….so the love comes from there mainly 🙂

  2. BetsyHp

    Oh, I love Yoo In-na! She was also in “Secret Garden” — the best friend with that hilarious romance with the secretary. I didn’t know she was in Man from Another Star!!

      1. BetsyHp

        Weird that I didn’t, isn’t it? I must have missed the casting news and I’ve been avoiding all YFAS posts because of spoilers. Obviously I’ve been avoiding really, really well! 😀

  3. evez

    WOw!…a very slim Yoo In Na…y’know i love this girl since SeGa days..and both QIHM and TGL is a worthwhile watch …i am just wondering why she just suddenly played second lead after QIHM…hope to see her in a rom-com genre again ‘coz she’s adorable!..

    1. snow_white Post author

      I know! I’m wondering why she did a second lead role after the awesome turn as main heroine in QIHM…hopefully she’ll get more meaty roles in future..


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