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Thrillers and Mysteries taking forefront in Dramaland



Every year, the dramaland embraces at least one stand out theme that governs most of the shows. It may be due to blind following of a subject based on the success of any similar-themed drama or the producers feel that the particular topic is hot among the viewers. Whatever the case, we can all feel the unmistakable dominance of certain colors in the canvas of dramas. For instance, 2012 was all about time travelling (which is still being used till now) while 2013 had a deluge of sageuks adorning the small screens. Speaking of 2014, I’m observing three main characteristics — thrillers, noona romances and OTP reunions. At least the first quarter of the year says so. Let’s have a look at the first trend in this post aka thrillers & mysteries. Continue reading

Posters and stills for ‘Big Man’ which is all set to premiere next week


I feel that the buzz around upcoming KBS revenge-melo-thriller Big Man has been faded a bit in the presence of other more anticipated shows round the corner (like You’re All Surrounded, Doctor Stranger, A New Leaf). The reasons might be attributed to number of factors—the generic plot, taking the place of rating-wise flop Full Sun, and a very late Continue reading

A look at upcoming dramas (April)

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It is a source of amazement that I was trying to work my schedule to fit in as many dramas as I could in the previous season of drama premieres but ended up watching only one single drama (it is God’s Gift – 14 Days if you didn’t know already). But again with glasses of hope and excitement, I’m looking forward to the deluge of dramas arriving soon for our viewing pleasure. Before we get confused, let’s have a sneak peek at those shows which are starting in April: Continue reading

Paints and colors with Jung Ryu Won for March issue of Vogue Korea


My Name Is Kim Sam Soon was the first time I watched Jung Ryu Won and the first thing that came to my mind was how thin she is! I liked her there and the song picturised on her in it, Farewell without Farewell, is one my most frequently played songs and I love it to pieces. Anyway, the likeness for her turned into full-blown love after her charming performance in King Of Dramas. I think she is very natural in her acting and  Continue reading

Female cast updates for ‘Big Man’ and ‘Doctor Stranger’


Okay, so we have new casting confirmations for upcoming spring dramas Big Man and Doctor Stranger. Let me start with the one which made me really happy and that is the addition of Jung So Min as Daniel Choi‘s younger sister in Big Man. She will be playing the usual rich heiress though that comes with usual characteristics like she always gets what she wants and things done her way. I love her and I’m glad that finally she has signed on a new drama and that too with Kang Ji Hwan. Continue reading