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Amidst the high buzz of MBC weekender Hotel King (the My Girl reunion is enough to garner everyone’s interest), the other show on the network for the time slot is totally ignored or forgotten. Even I didn’t pay attention to Jang Bo Ri Is Here, considering my affection for its leading man Kim Ji Hoon. I’m sad that he is again acting in a long weekend drama back to back after his last venture in Goddess Of Marriage, that drove everyone up the wall for being the typical non-sensical annoying show. I loved his understated and subtle portrayal in Flower Boy Next Door and I really hope he’ll act in something that will not require me to commit for a 50 hours journey to see him act on my screen.

Anyway, Jang Bo Ri Is Here stars Oh Yeon Seo (Medical Top Team) in the titular role of Jang Bo Ri, an optimistic and spirited girl, who grew up in a poor family but then one day discovers that she actually belongs to a wealthy family. Kim Ji Hoon plays a prosecutor and love interest to our heroine. Oh Chang Seok (Princess Aurora) stars as his half-brother, Lee Yoo Ri (Sparkling) plays our heroine’s step sister who is jealous of her and Kpop group KARA‘s Han Seung Yeon will be playing Kim Ji Hoon’s younger sister.

The plot is pretty standard weekend fare with birth secrets and jealousies playing their part at the forefront. Even the team behind the camera has a filmography of makjang shows: the PD helmed Flames Of Ambition and May Queen while the writer penned Five Fingers and Temptation Of An Angel. Well, even if these drama types are not my bag, they gain pretty good ratings and are extremely addicting. They do not require a mind like a steel trap to apply and are full of twists and turns to keep the narrative interesting, even if by the end of the serial, all the characters and relationships go haywire.

Jang Bo Ri Is Here airs its first episode on April 5, taking over the spot from A Little Love Never Hurts.

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