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Okay, I think I need my own post-its and drawing board to jot down all clues and connections after watching God’s Gift – 14 Days this week, especially episode 10. I can’t believe how fast the drama moved with delivering information and unravelling past histories left, right and centre. But I enjoyed every part of it!

So now we know what actually happened with Dong Chan 10 years ago — I’m sure Dong Ho didn’t kill anyone. I really liked the whole process of finding out that picture, then the investigations done by our players (the team of two minions included) and the way we got to know the connection between everyone. I think that the unknown guy in that picture is the son of some important figure (maybe the president) and he might have killed Soo Jung and the other victims of 10 years old serial murders. Also, he and the men with him tried to bury every witness of that incident — one of the guy got mentally challenged while the other died, which we can deduce from Snake’s conversation with grandpa that it wasn’t an accident. Now what is the role of grandpa is still unclear — a private investigator or something?

I loved all the heartwarming moments the show gave us this week — be it the song, guitar and Jo Seung Woo combo (and not to mention the track from one of his much-loved films Classic) or the scenes between Dong Chan and Soo Hyun.



The deal with Woo Jin is still under mist but at least he has a greater part than being only a convenient detective in the drama. I have a feeling that he is corrupt but cares for Soo Hyun nevertheless.

I’m hundred percent sure that the camera we are dealing with right from the start — that initially belonged to Dong Ho — will play a major role to form the evidence against the perpetrators as it was his habit to carry the device wherever he went and then it broke. But now that it is fixed, I’m sure it will prove to be vital for our protagonists.

But why the baddies kidnapped Saet Byul in the original time line— to blackmail Ji Hoon? Maybe. And what is the role of Min Ah.



Anyway, I do get annoyed when Saet Byul always runs away even when she knows her mom worries so much for her. And how can Soo Hyun let her go in that parking lot on her own. The cliffhanger is definitely tensed but we still have 6 episodes to go, so it means nothing big will happen. I just want both Soo Hyun and Dong Chan to safely come out of this mess.

On a side note, our Saet Byul’s crush on Dong Chan is so cute!!