Intriguing posters for ‘Golden Cross’


Surprisingly, as the premiere date of upcoming revenge saga Golden Cross is nearing with its promotional speed picking up, the drama has ascended for me from the ‘no interest at all’ to ‘intriguing’ status. It looks like it might turn out to be a smart, fast-paced thriller, which is always fun and satisfying. And most importantly, two factors are making it very promising — the cast loaded with powerhouse actors and the writer of Bridal Mask aka Gaksital (which I haven’t seen but everyone and their mother know how good it is!). The actors starring in the drama are Kim Kang Woo, Lee Si Young, Eom Ki Joon and Han Eun Jung. It is a story revolving around a society called Golden Cross that is responsible for our hero’s sister’s death. He vows to take revenge and bring justice for their wrong doings. Both our hero and heroine are playing the role of prosecutors.

The plot is pretty simple on paper but has room for including lots of thrills and emotions. The posters are really compelling in the milieu of uninspired posters we usually get. I don’t quite understand what is happening in them, but they look fresh and innovative nevertheless. Maybe something like how the protagonists’ lives are entangled to each other or something. LOL.

Anyhow, I’ve embedded character posters (which are fairly standard) and stills. Check out the pilot episode of Golden Cross on April 9 on KBS.


     gc1 gc5

gc4 gc





2 thoughts on “Intriguing posters for ‘Golden Cross’

  1. muchadoboutlove

    I wasn’t planning to check out this drama but the first poster reeled me in. I don’t know why, it’s so beautiful to me and I feel that I have to watch this! Hopefully this turns out to be decent, with its writer’s past work being the amazing Gaksital. Not much is known about the plot, which can be intriguing for us viewers. Yeay, bring it on, drama!

    1. snow_white Post author

      Oh yes…same here…I wasn’t looking forward to it but the posters made me interested…and knowing very little about the plot can be a good thing as too much info makes the viewing very predictable and we simply wait for the story to reach that main point, which was being described in the previews… 😀


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