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Dramaland is generously pouring the rainfall of noona romances on the viewers this year and the next one to join this bandwagon is Witch’s Romance, which is to be broadcast on cable channel tvN. The show stars Uhm Jung Hwa and Park Seo Joon as the couple who have scars from past relationships in love and displays how they heal each other’s wounds. Despite a melo description, the drama has released cuteness loaded posters. Honestly, I find them overtly cute and slapsticky for my taste. On the upside, yay for light-hearted fun and upbeat tone. Plotwise, we have a very generic story about a single career woman who doesn’t believe in love while she is very passionate in her job. Uhm Jung Hwa plays a reporter here and our leading man stars as a 25 year-old guy who runs an errand center. I do like the easy, charming chemistry between the two—judging from the posters and stills.

The supporting leads include Han Jae Suk (Oohlala Couple) and Jung Yun Joo (Her Lovely Heels). One of the great factors about this show is the PD who directed Heartless City with his other works being I Need Romance 2012 and Auction House. That and tvN (which is known for its quality and fresh concepts) give me hope that Witch’s Romance will have a new spin on the old theme. Although the plot has been done numerous times on screen, the drama is actually a remake of Taiwanese drama My Queen.

Just to notify: Witch’s Romance airs its first episode on April 14 taking up the Monday-Tuesday slot on tvN (which apparently aired another noona romance I Need Romance 3 before this one but thankfully, there is a lot of gap between the two shows to give a space between two similarly designed shows.)

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