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I admit that watching God’s Gift – 14 Day is akin to a mental exercise where we need to rake every possible nerve of our brains and also keep our memory intact in order to connect all the pieces of puzzles we gather while moving forward. Episode 12 was another great episode that delivered lots of answers that are finally contributing to make the whole picture clear as crystal. And the best thing was of course the union of Soo Hyun and Dong Chan who again gave lots of sterling moments today.

Spoilers ahead.

So that voice of Saet Byul was a recording after all. I already had a doubt regarding her kidnapping right from the start—the way Saet Byul understood about some danger looming ahead when she ran towards her nanny—it did signal that she might have taken some safer path. I was shocked to see how selfish that manager was to leave a crying kid on the middle of the road—Dong Chan’s rage on him did mitigate my anger towards him.


The show was full of parallel scenarios throughout—Saet Byul’s voice over the broadcast call, Ji Hoon’s mirror reactions to that of Soo Hyun’s (in the original time line), the whole police procedure. But the good thing was that now our protagonists knew about the alternate explanation to this whole theory and they are trying their best to prevent the same result second time.

I was confused at first regarding that whole call thing—originally it was done to put the blame of kidnapping on the serial killer Cha Bong Sub and then he was later killed. The second time also same thing happened, with pinning the blame on some other killer as we later saw him getting killed. And finally my confusion got solved. Phew. It was bothering me so much at first but as I watched the whole thing, things started becoming clear.

I also loved that scene when Soo Hyun and Dong Chan are waiting outside Snake’s house—we got a nice glimpse of Soo Hyun’s motherly love and determination as she keeps a watch without even blinking an eye—a small but strong moment.


I loved the way the bulb finally lit about the fourth guy—the one who took the picture. I was already counting him in my own analysis and the whole reveal was great narratively by ticking off each of the suspects.

I also like how the show gives importance and meaning to each of its characters—Jenny was the one to have a deeper role this episode and I loved her dedication. I seriously take great pleasure in watching our team of good-hearted players who are all set to discover the truth behind the whole mystery. Then there was Heidi, who not only brings humour to each of his scene, but also plays a crucial part in taking the plot forward.

The last scene at the mental institute was really disturbing and creepy. That man who attacked Soo Hyun already knew they would be coming there and I have an inkling that the fourth man is related to the president or might be his son.

Only four episodes are left and let’s hope everyone comes out safe from this whole situation.