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Spoilers Ahead

Compared to episode 10, this episode toned down in terms of thrilling scenarios one after the other—but we still got them and from those we didn’t expect (Saet Byul and her granny).

So the person that kept us tensed throughout the week was none other than Min Ah, who came there to take revenge for her unborn child’s death. And what ensued was some fighting between her and our badass Soo Hyun. I think it is safe to say that Min Ah has nothing to do with Saet Byul’s kidnapping. But she plays an important role to let us see the new layers in Ji Hoon’s character. Here is the thing—he has done a lot of bad things, cheating and getting involved in some shady business related to his work (particularly to that ten-year old case of Dong Ho)—but he does care for his wife and daughter.

That does not mean that I forgive him for capturing Soo Hyun in mental institution later—it was for her safety but it was not fair at all. There can be other ways, how about showing some trust in her and calmly listening to what she has to say.


I liked all the scenes of Saet Byul at her granny’s house—the way she changed the matter of that letter to convey granny’s true feelings and conditions—it was so endearing to watch. We also learned about Soo Hyun’s past some more.

And how great was our Saet Byul when she deftly followed Dong Chan’s instructions in that truck—so thrilling and kudos to her for being so efficiently courageous. I did miss our team of investigators, working together to crack the case—especially  Dong Chan and Soo Hyun (who I’m rooting with the bottom of my heart and it’s no secret!).

And that moment when Dong Chan realised that he had that hair pin in the original time line as well—it gave me some creeps to be honest. How that could have come there?

And lastly, everything was happening just like the original way. From Saet Byul’s clothes to the location, to the broadcast—I doubt if it’s Saet Byul’s voice though as the last scene was quite unclear—maybe it was Soo Hyun’s imagination. I do hope for best results for our players as why would the chance be given if everything had to happen just like it did previously? And they’ll explain the time slip, right?


Woo Jin is another character who has mixed shades—he might be somehow involved with bad guys but he do cares for Soo Hyun.

I really enjoyed the small heroic moments in this episode—like Soo Hyun taking her cell phone from Saet Byul, or Dong Chan and team performing an act to come out of jail or granny’s determination to save Saet Byul from goons, or Soo Hyun encountering that tattoo guy in the cab.