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gd Another weekend drama is here and it actually sounds a lot like You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin, well if you filter out the birth secret thing but can we dare to do it as we are talking about a long weekender? Anyhow, Glorious Day is the upcoming SBS show that is slated to take the Saturday-Sunday slot from Passionate Love. It is a story about a novel writer who is also a single mother of three daughters: played by Hwang Woo Seul Hye (Our Slightly Risque Relationship), Park Se Young (School 2013) and Go Woo Ri (of Kpop Group Rainbow fame). Now you see the YTBLSS connection a la three daughters. The show promises to be a feel good one and if nothing, the title does sound bright and cheery. Of course, the chance for a looong weekend drama with 50 episodes to not go messy is as rare as finding a blue rose. But still, this one looks upbeat and lively from the stills and descriptions. Lee Sang Woo (One Warm Word) will play the leading man opposite Park Se Young, playing the boy next door. Mom’s role will be played by Kim Mi Sook, who was great as an antagonist in Shining Inheritance as well as Lee Min Ho‘s mom in City Hunter. The weekenders do have cookie cutter characters but infusing an exuberant tone makes Glorious Day appealing. Glorious Day is being helmed by the PD of two of my all-time favorite shows—King Of Dramas and You’re Beautiful. SO we can definitely hope for lots of fun and quirkiness. The writer penned Last Scandal, Can You Hear My Heart (the plus) and I Miss You (the minus). It is scheduled to air its pilot episode on April 19. By the way, Lee Sang woo and Park Se Young would look lovely together (and I really like both of them). gd3 gd4

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