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A New Leaf is heading towards its premiere like greased lightning as it is all set with cast and filming, releasing promotional materials with full swing. Kim Myung Min, Kim Sang Joong and Park Min Young lead the drama based on law with our hero playing a cold and cunning top-notch lawyer who improves his ideas and heart after he suffers from amnesia. Kim Sang Joong stars as his mentor as well as the CEO in the law firm while Park Min Young plays an intern with righteous attitude. The new cast updates include Jin Yi Han (Empress Ki) who will play Kim Myung Min’s competitor and a former judge. I really liked his guest appearance in Master’s Sun and definitely looking forward to his role here. It amazes me that he has already signed on his next role on the heels of completion of his current show Empress Ki. Anyway, the next on our cast list is Chae Jung Ahn (who was great in her last drama Prime Minister And I which was a rare chance of seeing a positive second lead) who will play Kim Myung Min’s fiancée as they plan to have an arranged marriage. Here comes the interesting part — our hero will think that they are actually in love after he wakes up with his lost memory. So are we going to have their love line or is a love triangle in the making? I’m all ready for it as I’m a typical drama lover who always finds it super-exciting when the love finds its way at unusual places in dramaland. And if we have uncommon pairings, I’m as excited as a kid for holidays!

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I didn’t watch Mi Rae’s Choice till the end but did watch it enough to know how awesome Oh Jung Se is, who played Yoon Eun Hye‘s oppa there and he will be joining A New Leaf as KIm Myung Min’s childhood friend and I’m already hoping for a nice bickering bromance here.

Ahn Sun Young will star as Park Min Young’s aunt. She has played hilarious roles in all the projects I’ve seen her in — like in movie My Little Bride and drama Dream High as Eum Ki Joon‘s sister. I think she will add comedic bits in the show.

Kim Yoon Seo who was the boring and stereotypical antagonist in You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin will again play an actress here with switching her top star status with a newbie, and I hope it will be a positive character.


I’m liking the whole set-up of A New Leaf along with the ensemble cast of strong actors and the drama seems to be like a light-hearted and poignant take on law background. We have melodrama, possibly some thrills and tug-of-wars, hopefully romance, room for some fun and comedy. Overall, just my thing. Well, it is pretty obvious that I’ll be watching it primarily for Kim Myung Min but I was a bit wary that the drama might be very serious but now that we are given character descriptions, I think this will be fun to watch and I can’t wait for its first episode that airs after Cunning Single Lady on MBC, which is on April 30. The total episode count will be 18 which is cool with me as almost all shows nowadays go for the huge 20 or more number, so 18 is rather closer to 16!