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The upcoming tvN drama Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit looks cute as a button from its posters and other promotional material. The show is a comedy about four friends — played by Choi Jin Hyuk (Emergency Couple), Park Min Woo (Scandal), Park Doo Shik (he played the hilarious role of Lee Jong Suk‘s classmate in I Hear Your Voice) and Heechul (of Kpop group Super Junior) — they are also cops. One day, except Heechul, the three of these 20 something men suddenly gain 50 more years in their age — the characters now played by Lee Soon Jae (The King 2 Hearts), Byun Hee Bong (My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho) and Jang Kwang (Goddess Of Fire). And now they have to deal with their characteristics and abilities changed into like that of grandpas. The drama chronicles about the investigations these four will do with respect to their cases and also adjusting with their eccentric situation — which will provide the comedy and cuteness! I like this plot which surely looks funny (more of the slapstick one), with room for heartwarming moments as well. The drama actually milks the popularity and success of the cable network’s variety show Grandpa Over Flowers, but the reality/ variety programs are not my cup of tea and hence despite all the accolades I’m hearing about it everywhere, I cannot give it a try. But this drama looks appealing by all means. Just look at those individual posters as the older actors are flashing their badge, only the passport size photo is that of their younger counterparts. LOL. And they are looking so adorable!

Naturally, Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit will follow Grandpa Over Flowers and premieres on 9 May with airing weekly every Friday. The show is penned by the writer of Ma Boy and KPOP The Ultimate Audition.

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