REVIEW: God’s Gift – 14 Days (2014)


God’s Gift – 14 Days is that perfect case of a drama that could have been an awesome thriller but then it did something terrible to tarnish most of its lustre. I’m actually having a polarised view — there were lots and lots of things that I loved and then there was this thing that I hated with the heat of a thousand burning suns. One thing is for sure: you’ll at least get a delicious treat while watching the awesomeness called Jo Seung Woo!

The story is about a mother Kim Soo Hyun who gets a chance to travel back in time to save her daughter who gets kidnapped and killed. She gets two weeks time for this. An ex-policeman Ki Dong Chan helps her in this quest as they embark on a race against time, solving clues and finally correcting their mistakes in the process.


The drama is perfect for mystery lovers as we see our protagonists getting surrounded by mystery and suspense as they go into deep to discover the truth behind the kid’s kidnapping. The show sets up many evidences, suggestions and red herrings on its way and it’s such a delight to watch them connect the dots and go through expositions and discussions as they try to solve the whole web of conspiracies. There is a constant creepy atmosphere that adds to the chilling narrative texture. The drama maintains an urgent feel and the fast pace completes the thrilling aspect to the T. We have many suspects and theories and finally as we are about to reach the final hour, things get all muddled up but more on that later. We are always on the edge of our seats and there is a nice tension build-up. There are a lot of connections to be made which can be a difficult thing at times, but the credit can be given to the writer to bind all the threads properly and explaining it when required.


The thriller aspect aside, the show is emotionally very strong as it engages you with the touching relationship between mother and daughter as well as between our hero and his family, along with that between Dong Chan, Soo Hyun and her daughter. There are plenty of light-hearted moments that nicely balance the heavy portions and contribute in bringing warmth and depth to the story. The camaraderie between Jo Seung Woo and Lee Bo Young is sterling.Character-wise, Soo Hyun is a courageous, intelligent and impulsive woman who can do anything to save her daughter. At times, she is way too hasty, leading to undesirable consequences but I think that’s understandable as she is in a desperate situation. Dong Chan is my favorite thing in the drama — he has brains as well as heart, he knows how to give encouragement to our heroine when needed and is extremely caring. Then there is the daughter Saet Byul who is cute but very mischievous and I really felt annoyed by her as she almost never listens to her mom — though I can see that she is just a child.


Now we come to the aspects that decreased my love for the show. Firstly, God’s Gift – 14 Days nosedives in the final act. The show tries to explain everything in its final hour leading to confusions and hodge podge execution. I could have tolerated all that if we would have gotten a satisfying conclusion to this story. Alas, the show simply gives a nonsensical climax that negates the characterisation of the characters and looks rushed. There is no coherent reason for things that happen in the end and that simply leaves a sour aftertaste. Also, the whole aspect of a mother saving her child takes a backseat as the hero is the one who is given more chances to do so — which was a bit disappointing. In addition to this, there is no explanation for the fantasy element.


Jo Seung Woo is the best thing about the show and gives fabulous performance. He effortlessly brings humour, warmth and intensity in the drama. Lee Bo Young demonstrates ample acting acumen — be it the daring mother or the emotional one, she excels in both. Jung Gyeo Woon looks a bit lazy in a role that isn’t strong enough. Kim Tae Woo is impressive as Lee Bo Young’s husband with grey shades while Kim Yoo Bin is adorable and performs with ease. Baro is also solid as a mentally challenged boy.

Finally, God’s Gift – 14 Days could have been a nice, gripping thriller (which it is for most of its run) but the terrible ending ruins all the fun and goodness.

My Rating: 6 out of 10. (all the marks subtracted due to the ending)

9 thoughts on “REVIEW: God’s Gift – 14 Days (2014)

  1. kfangurl

    Aw. I hate when a show starts well and ends badly. I heard how this show ended in a spectacularly disappointing manner, and I’m relieved I didn’t watch this one.. Or would you still recommend it despite the bad ending? 😛

    1. snow Post author

      hahaha….well, I can only recommend it for one and only Jo Seung Woo 🙂
      It was about to become one of my favorites for this year….and I knew it till 15 episodes….but that ending just turned everything upside down…LOL…you made a wise decision to avoid it….

      *sigh….it was so good….. 😉

  2. Soori

    I have the same feelings for the whole drama. The ending kind of throw away everything that happened in the drama, and it’s kind of a shame, they could’ve at least make a clear ending after all that’s why the viewers were watching – wanting to know how it will end, what’s the final touch for every character. But in exchange the PD and the writer decided to put a rather elusive ending after a roller coaster of actions and emotions.

    1. snow Post author

      I know! It’s like they deceived the viewers by throwing in an ending that negated the overall effect the drama and characters created….and I don’t know if it was a lazy writing or the writers wanted to create some artistic effect….it really makes me sad about what this show could have been….lol
      By the way, I don’t know how but I just noticed that I unfollowed your blog…but now I’ve rejoined it 🙂

      1. Soori

        Maybe they wanted to make an artsy ending, even so it didn’t get me. I don’t know but, personally, I would’ve liked if the ending was more straight forward.

        Don’t worry about it, it happened to me as well, especially since the stats button is near the follow/unfollow. ^ ^

  3. chickenisforlyfe

    YES. I LOVED this drama even though the end kinda disappointed me because I really liked him 😦
    But this drama was Ah-mazing and I LOVED IT
    Lee Boyoung is a wonderful actress 🙂

    1. snow Post author

      I Know! He was my favorite character and they gave him such an ending!!! *Grrrr*

      I loved it from start to penultimate episode…LOL

      LBY is wonderful…I agree 🙂

      1. chickenisforlyfe

        HE WAS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER TOO. I loved the way he cared for the child and I loved how he called her ahjumma and omg. Lol he was such a loveable character ♡ At the end I was like no way, it just did not end on me like this, there’s gotta be more!

        1. snow Post author

          I wanted him to end up with LBY 😦
          But as the series was nearing its end, I knew that’s not gonna happen but I could have been happy if they got something like an open ending with respect to their relationship….but they ruined even that!


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