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See what I told you? This year marks the maximum reunions in dramaland and I’m over the moon with this latest news. Eric and Jung Yoo Mi were wonderful in Que Sera Sera — a dark, different and amazing drama that came in 2007 — and now both of them have signed on to star in upcoming offering from I Need Romance writer, a rom-com (I always perk up these days with the word romantic-comedy as I’m kind of tired of the rest and haven’t seen any proper one since Prime Minister And I, which looks like centuries ago!) with the title Discovery Of Romance (also, Finding True Love). I loved Eric in Que Sera Sera, where he was simply superb as a hero who had grey shades. The drama is not for everyone and is not all about rainbows, unicorns and sunshine. The two leads had electric chemistry and this is simply a good news to see them now in a lighter set-up.

Discovery Of Romance comes from the brains behind I Need Romance franchise but this time we have KBS instead of tvN as the broadcast network. The show will be about the reappearance of an ex-boyfriend in a woman’s life who is dating someone else now and how she deals with it, and begins to search for true love. Jung Yoo Mi will play a furniture designer while Eric will star as president of an interior design company — both as exes. The story sounds quite standard but I do think that there will be more to it as the writer has painted different strokes to this basic plot with all INR dramas. I haven’t seen any of those but I’m anticipating this one. The drama will take the Monday-Tuesday slot from Trot Lovers in August.

Let’s run down the reunions of 2014: We have Lee Dong Wook and Lee Dae Hae experiencing angsty romance in makjang weekender Hotel King, then there is the sweet pair of Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk in upcoming Fated To Love You, Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi for epic sageuk Joseon Gunman and finally, Eric and Jung Yoo Mi in Discovery Of Romance. (Now, I want a Jae Hee-Han Chae Young reunion ASAP). It will be the first acting project for Eric since 2011’s Spy Myung Wol while Jung Yoo Mi did a guest appearance opposite Gong Yoo in last year’s Dating Agency Cyrano.