My Corner: 29 May 2014

I’m currently on a short trip and hence, not able to post much. As I said a few days back, I’ll get busy soon and the frequency of my posts will decrease and I’ll have to make this blog a weekly updated one I guess. I’m still deliberating about how that will shape up but meanwhile here is the summary of my drama week:

  • I’m only able to keep up with A New Leaf episodes and still have to watch episode 8. Will write my thoughts on it once I finish. It’s actually a good thing (yes, I’m one in a million this time to say this!) that ep 9 has been preempted and now there will be only one ep this week to catch up with the show.
  • Haven’t seen any Doctor Stranger since its premiere week. Will try to do that soon.
  • Couldn’t start You’re All Surrounded and I’m sad about it. Where is the time???


2 thoughts on “My Corner: 29 May 2014

    1. snow Post author

      Thanks for the encouragement kfangurl! πŸ˜€

      its nice to take a breather when your world is mostly full of dramas and blogging πŸ˜›


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