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I think it’s safe to say that almost everyone loved 2010’s drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal, including me who is usually not a fan of sageuks. Well, okay, it was a fusion-historical drama with a nice coating of modernism but still. The producers of that massively popular drama are bringing their new show for MBC titled The Night Watchman. It is a fantasy themed show set in Joseon era about four night watchmen who do patrolling during night curfew time from 9 to 5 — guarding the palace and hunting ghosts. Obviously, they have the ability of being ghost seers. Initially, the story was having three guys and one girl to compete the ghostbusters foursome but now I like that they have even out the males and females with main leads consisting of Jung Il Woo (last seen in weekender Gold Rainbow with UEE), Go Sung Hee (who came under spotlight via Miss Korea), idol Yunho and Seo Ye Ji (who played a supporting role in sitcom Potato Star 2013QR3 for tvN). I admit that I haven’t seen any of the cast’s works before and the only thing that appeals to me right now is the plot that looks like a nice blend of adventure, fantasy and fun; not to mention the romance and comedy fragments completing it. Also, the team of SKKS makes me hopeful to expect something like that amazing show which propelled its stars to new heights of popularity. Leading man Jung Il Woo has already acted in historical dramas like The Moon That Embraces The Sun and The Return of Iljimae and that too impressively while the rest of the cast is taking their first foray into sageuk genre. The PD for The Night Watchman helmed serials like Light And Shadows and The Book Of Three Han while writer penned The King’s Dream and Daemul. MBC took a breather from its long slew of sageuks (like Horse Doctor, Gu Family Book, Goddess Of Fire and Empress Ki) dominating the slot of Mondays and Tuesdays with currently airing Triangle but it looks like it is again turning towards them with The Night Watchman. The period drama is premiering in July.