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I’m so busy this week that I didn’t get time to even watch my dramas! This is exam time for me and only I know how I controlled myself from watching another delectable episode of Marriage Not Dating. When you are so obsessed with a show, you can’t help but explore every nook and cranny of the net to read more about it and hence, I know that there is a kiss in episode 6! And now I’ve decided to stay away from areas that can spoil my excitement of watching an episode and remain with I-don’t-know-what’s-gonna-happen-next lens. I’m happy that way.

Marriage Not Dating has rejuvenated my drama addiction of initial days and now I keep thinking about it, with a desire of watching all episodes in one go. I like its bubbly, sunny air with interesting characters and the biggest reason — Yeon Woo Jin. I can’t believe how much I’ve fallen in love with him, as if he has cast some spell on me. Ha.

Another lovely couple that is bringing lots of magic on my screen is none other than Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara. I’m loving and enjoying Fated To Love You and these two just make my day. He is amazing with a great balance of being eccentric and considerate and I like that after his initial coldness after marriage, he is slowly returning to old self who cares for people. Jang Nara is beautiful in her simple and understated demeanor and I love her summer outfits that give an extra pleasure to the eyes.

And last but not least, the drama I’ve been ignoring the most — High School King of Savvy — but the reason is that I’m not live watching it and hence the episodes keep piling up to be watched when it’s convenient. I’m loving this show as well — it’s absolutely charming and cute, with Seo In Guk hitting it out of the park with his comedy and warmth. It’s a bonus that we have a hot second lead as well!

Basically I’m swimming in romance and humour and I’m loving it!