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The only time when I was courageous enough to follow a long weekend drama was for You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin as I loved the great cast ensemble it had. To give credit where it’s due, that show was filled with lots of cute moments but then the script went off the rails in the middle when the focus became too much shifted to things we didn’t want to see and all the good things were sidetracked. Result — I dropped it midway. It didn’t help that there are so many dramas coming out of the K-machine that I don’t have time for dramas that doesn’t provide me enjoyment and satisfaction or a reason enough to keep watching. But I do think that long weekenders can be addicting and receive high ratings. There plotline is almost similar with very minuscule differences here and there but many times they can be cute and fun.

A new show to join the 50-episode weekend drama category is What’s With This Family? that is basically the typical family show with lots of characters and multiple pairs. It is a story that centers around a man who sues his selfish children for being ungrateful in their duties towards family. He actually tries to make his children learn the importance of family by taking these drastic measures. Well, the story does sound fresh and I’m sure interspersed with warmth and camaraderie and cuteness.

Kim Hyun Joo (loved her as Lee Min Ho‘s sister in Boys Before Flowers!) headlines the show as the eldest daughter of a family who works as the head of a secretarial department of a large company. And you know this character — smart at work but not so in personal life. Kim Sang Kyung (White Christmas) is the male lead who will play her boss and a man who thinks he is better than other people and also has — a painful past love. Actually I’m liking this setting for the OTP. Next we have Park Hyung Shik of idol group Ze: A (last seen in popular Heirs) as Kim Hyun Joo’s younger brother who will form a love triangle with Nam Ji Hyun (Angel Eyes) and up-and-coming actor Seo Kang Joon (who enjoyed much popularity with his last show Cunning Single Lady). Nam Ji Hyun stars as a girl from the country who comes to Seoul in search of her first love while the latter has taken the role of a perfect modern guy who runs a restaurant and has the aim to enjoy life. Yoon Park (Good Doctor) plays the second brother of our heroine who is a doctor and is only interested in studies and Son Dam Bi (Lights And Shadows) plays his wife. The two have an arranged marriage but not a happier one. Yoo Dong Geun (Gu Family Book) plays the father of this family.

I’m warming up to this show with all the set-up and characters. It looks like it might be fun judging from the stills and posters. *goes to check her schedule* It looks like it will have less makjang and more light-heartedness.

What’s With This Family? comes from the writer of shows like Gu Family Book (Noooo) and Dalja’s Spring (Oh Yes!) while the PD directed God Of The Workplace and Resurrection. It will be broadcasted on KBS and starts this week on August 16.

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