Drama Diaries: 16 August 2014

I’m so behind in all my dramas right now that it has unsettled my whole (drama) schedule. That means now I need to bend over backwards to finish them and can’t sleep like a log, to match the upcoming another stream of dramas next week. But what’s going on in my drama world, here is a summary:

High School King Of Savvy

I’m on episode 10. And that was like a decade ago! I’ve given it the least priority as I started it when it was already halfway in its run. So in order to catch up on live shows, this cutie got shifted behind. But I’m enjoying it thoroughly and Seo In Guk is a darling. He is effortlessly charming and warm. I’m not too sold on the main romance but find it cute and not icky as both match in their frequency. And it’s a very innocent love. Also, thank you Show for introducing me to the hotness called Lee Soo Hyuk. I think the remarkable thing about this drama is that even when they have taken a larger-than-life basic concept, they’ve executed it with so much groundedness and realness in characters.

Fated To Love You

This week’s episodes are still remaining to be watched and I can’t wait for all the fun after that time skip. Last week was really gloomy for all of us but now that the storm has passed, I hope we’ll be back to the magic that generates when Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara are together. I can understand all that noble idiocy and also went mad about it but it was bound to happen at some point and now that it’s over and done with, I’m hoping for some rainbows and unicorns. Plus, we see Jang Hyuk in that new hairdo and man, he looks sooooo handsome! Despite my initial dislike of long hair, I actually started liking him in that as well, but I’m crazy for men with short hair, so yeah, I’m happier now!

Marriage Not Dating

I’m enjoying the OTP and laughter and candidness of this show. But I have to say that the second leads (Yeo Reum, Se Ah and Hyun Hee) are least interesting people and also I don’t like the two ladies at all. So my hopes that this show would give us some good multiple pairings has been dashed. Not to mention all the makjang-ness attached with Se Ah. But apart from this, I like everything. I do think that Jang Mi and Gi Tae are somewhat running around the circles with their feelings and reactions, and the drama is taking too much time to bring them together. But the next previews look promising.

Upcoming dramas premiering next week

I’m really looking forward to tvN’s My Secret Hotel as I love the cast and find the premise an intriguing mix of romance and mystery. Next on my watchlist is Discovery Of Romance as it’s a reunion between Eric and Jung Yumi and this time in a very lovey-dovey and light-hearted atmosphere, which is as different from their last Que Sera Sera as day is from night. Also I like the whole cast ensemble, so the uninspired premise doesn’t look dull and I’m always ready for a good rom-com. I haven’t seen any shows from the I Need Romance franchise (the same team is producing this drama) and so there is no chance of making me say “same old, same old”.

10 thoughts on “Drama Diaries: 16 August 2014

  1. psychopathsgetbored28

    I’d recommend It’s okay, that’s love. I love it. Till episode 8 it’s not like the typical K-drama as for a change until now there are no signs of the second-lead-prominence which you know can be annoying at times. Also if you like medical/personality disorder drama then it’s your best shot. 🙂 ❤

    1. snow Post author

      Oh that’s definitely on my plan…as I’m already watching dramas for each slot, It’s okay, that’s love had to take a back seat….I’m keeping that for marathoning later…

      It’s good to hear that you are loving it and it’s refreshing in its plot…

      I know! second leads’ arc is so cliched that if a show doesn’t have one, it’s such a great thing!

  2. Timescout

    As Savvy just ended and I decided to drop Joseon Gunman, my drama schedule is pretty manageable atm. I’ve plans to marathon Fated to Love You at some point, now that RL is (supposedly) getting less hectic.

    I guess that romcoms generally not being my cup of tea, has saved me from getting totally swamped so far. But as there are several dramas coming up that sound like the could be worth watching, I can see some heavy duty juggling in the future. 😉

    1. snow Post author

      Oh romcoms are not your cup of tea! That’s so unlikely for a Kdrama viewer 😉

      But yeah….you can give a try to FTLY…it’s not something groundbreaking or such but is cute, funny and Jang Hyuk & Jang Nara are lovely in it.
      There are so many romcoms coming up and airing right now…you can’t avoid them even if you want to!
      How was Joseon Gunman? I planned to watch it but then had to ignore it due to time constraints 🙂

      Is it weird that I kind of feel glad sometimes if a drama turns out bad or uninteresting in its initial eps and I drop it (Yay for manageable schedule!) ?? 😀

      1. Timescout

        Heh, I’m frequently swimming against the current when it comes to what’s popular. I did watch more of romcoms when I was still new to this whole drama business but now most of them just tend to make my eyes to glaze over. I do like me a well made romance every now and then but alas, Korea doesn’t seem to be very good with those. The more drama watching years I put behind me, the more I seem to crave dramas with solid substance, a good script and competent actors. The less bling and makjang, the better. There are also some tropes I can’t stand anymore so dramas rife with those get dropped pretty early on. Yup, I’m a grumpy old gurmudgeon. XD

        I’ve been keeping tabs on reactions to FTLY and provided it doesn’t derail towards the end, I’ll give it a spin at some point. Some fluff is a nice counterbalance when I’m watching something heavy and angsty.^^

        Like I mentioned, I’m a contrarian, ha. Most people seem to think Joseon Gunman is the best thing since sliced bread. I too had such high hopes for it and then it went and fell flat on me. The plot just made me irritated, when it wasn’t boring me, and I was totally indifferent to everyone in it. Sigh. So I gave it das boot. There are too many dramas around to hang on to something that doesn’t appeal to me, no matter how popular.

        Oh gosh yes! There have been times when I was almost praying for some of the upcoming dramas to turn out unappealing, so I could inore them. 🙂

        1. snow Post author

          Even I’ve become tired of some of the drama tropes but still I manage to enjoy those cheesy rom-coms if I find something that keeps me going…or if a show has a lot of heart along with lots of cliches…LOL 😀

  3. ha.art

    For me, the true rom-com is definitely Marriage not dating (MND). I don’t often watch dramas only to laugh, especially when characters tend to overact to make viewers laugh. In MND, I find the main leads are so adorable with their facial expressions without overacting. I highly recommend this show to everyone. Actually I am crazy over this show at the moment :>

    1. snow Post author

      I was definitely crazy for MND in its starting weeks…but now that craziness has decreased…I do like it a lot but not like I used to at the start 🙂


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