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Wow. That was unexpected. I thought that Rain‘s comeback drama She’s So Lovable (or My Lovely Girl) would be partly cheesy/too much colorful and partly melodramatic, what with story of a man who lost his first love and then falls for her sister, but contrastingly, the first teaser is very breezy and cute and I love it. I’ve already replayed it like hundred times and I like everything about it from A to Z. But first thing first. Rain. He is looking so young and fresh with his trademark adorable facial expression that he makes so perfectly. Also I love that scene where he is sneaking a peek at Krystal while sleeping on the hammock. Krystal also looks good and with that puppy, I think I’ll get cavities with so much sweetness. And I love the music which is a nice honeyed one and the cinematography is very fresh and indie-like. And from what we see, it looks like we have some cohabitation hijinks in store for us. Yay.

She’s So Lovable has a few weeks before it starts airing as it follows It’s Okay, It’s Love on SBS. The supporting cast includes Hoya, L, Alex, Cha Ye Ryun and Park Young Kyu and is set in a music industry background. I’m getting an air of cheerfulness and smoothness from the teaser and I hope we stay with that.