tvN brings ‘Plus Nine Boys’ as its new Friday-Saturday drama

The fun-filled Marriage Not Dating has ended and now it is being replaced by another quirky romantic comedy drama Plus Nine Boys this week about four males at different stages of their lives and how they confront challenges of work and love. tvN surely knows how to bring new fresh concepts and even if there is a tired plot, the treatment is totally fresh to add something to look for in its dramas. Plus Nine Boys is basically about boys (or men) of ages ending with 9, ie, 9, 19, 29 and 39 and the superstition that this nine brings bad luck.

Our first protagonist is Oh Jung Se (I really find him fantastic in all his roles; he was last seen in A New Leaf) who plays a 39-year-old man who was once a top PD but then his fame got shattered when one of the boy bands he was directing created some controversy on stage. He now lives a life of obscurity and has been shifted to another program. He wants to get married but his workaholic life doesn’t allow so. Yoo Da In (Night Watchman) plays his ex-girlfriend.

Next is Kim Young Kwang (Good Doctor) who is the 29-year-old and a carefree man who is extremely popular but faces loss in love for the first time when his coworker and friend, played by Kyung Su Jin (Secret Love Affair), rejects him.

Then there is Yook Sung Jae (Answer Me 1994) who stars as 19-year-old judo athlete and high schooler who falls in love with a mysterious girl (Park Cho Rong, Answer Me 1997). Finally, the 9-year-old kid is being played by Choi Ro Woon who stars as a child actor who is secretly dating child actress played by adorable Lee Chae Mi. He faces competition due to arrival of a new child actor. The last three guys are brothers while Oh Jung Sae plays their uncle.

Plus Nine Boys is penned by a new writer while the direction is in the hands of variety PD of shows like Three Fools and 1 Night 2 Days. It premieres on 29 August in the Friday-Saturday slot. I think the idea is very new and the great cast makes it all the more appealing. Plus, the tvN tag is more than enough to jazz up the drama.

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5 thoughts on “tvN brings ‘Plus Nine Boys’ as its new Friday-Saturday drama

    1. snow Post author

      Unique is the word…I like that for a change, we are seeing story revolving around four men…as usually it’s women, be it as friends or siblings…

  1. Indigo

    I’m actually really excited for this one. I liked the idea from the moment I first heard about this drama and I’m also really satisfied with the castings. I could see this show being really quirky and fun if it’s done well enough.

    One thing I really like is that Plus Nine Boys is going to be told from the perspective of male characters (judging from the premise). Most dramas seem to be told from the female characters’ point of view or not from a particular point of view at all. I think Plus Nine Boys could have a pretty unique angle on the story.

    1. snow Post author

      Just the thing I said in my above comment…it’s really refreshing to see a story revolving around four men…as usually it’s women, be it as friends or siblings…and the show surely looks fun and the actors are good as well!


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