A plethora of teasers for ‘She’s So Lovable’


A new season of dramas has already begun and I’m eagerly waiting for next week premiere of Rain‘s comeback drama She’s So Lovable (My Lovely Girl). It is a show which seems as predictable as the numbers on a clock. But all rom-coms basically meet at some point or another. The treatment and chemistry are what make them different. And from what I see in the teasers, Rain and Krystal look really good together. And there should not be any worries with any glaring age difference — Rain looks very, very young and she looks mature enough for her role. I admit that I love oppa romances more than the noona romances but if one has a problem with it, this drama must not be a problem. SBS has released a plethora of teasers which I’m embedding in this post. I love all of them. Mainly we are seeing the central couple with glimpses of our hero’s past love and heroine’s unni who dies in some accident. Later I think we’ll be getting cohabitation antics. We also see the supporting cast (which includes Hoya, L, Cha Ye Ryun and Alex to name a few) in one of the trailers. I like the breezy and fresh cinematography and feel I’m getting and well, there is a very cute dog that completes this picture perfectly.The drama is set in the music industry so I’m expecting some good melodies and brownie points for the show if it gives us some duet between its leads. Can’t wait!

(Credit to uploader)

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