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I’m so glad that I dropped My Secret Hotel midway as the resulting reactions during its run kept on decreasing in positivity with each passing week. My reason for leaving it was simple — I couldn’t connect emotionally with the characters, there was more style than heart and on a technical note, it was pretty jarring for me the way camera showed everyone’s face too closely. Also, the mystery element didn’t make me curious at all. The next drama taking up its place is another mystery but this is more of the thriller variety, it is titled Liar Game and is remake of a J-drama and joins the line of plenty of dramas being adapted recently (See: Cantabile Tomorrow, The Queen’s Classroom, Witch’s Romance).

Liar Game has a very interesting plot about a heroine who gets a mysterious note with an invitation to play Liar Game and a huge amount of money if she wins. The game involves tricking other players but she becomes the victim instead. She loses her money and then asks help from an efficient swindler to win the game. Kim So Eun (Boys Before Flowers) is our central character with Lee Sang Yoon (Angel Eyes) playing the latter. Shin Sung Rok is taking up the role of the mysterious host of the show. Something tells me that he is the mastermind behind all the mischiefs happening with the players and there is more to this game than being simply a show involving money.

I like that Kim So Eun is finally getting a main lead role in a prime time drama and Lee Sang Yoon is looking so different in his new look! A lot younger than we are used to seeing him. Shin Sung Rok is definitely rising in his career after playing the creepy serial killer in mega hit You From Another Star and after doing a soft role in Trot Lovers, he is again back to being creepy. I haven’t seen the original piece so it makes sense that I’m very curious about this one and another brownie point goes for having only 12 episodes.

Liar Game premieres today on tvN. The posters look very slick and stylish. They surely drive the basic plot home as we see Shin Sung Rok with a mask, Kim So Eun being blindfolded and Lee Sang Yoon holding her hands with tons of notes of money floating around them.

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