‘Liar Game’ is intriguing: First Impressions


I think it’s a bit late for posting my first impressions but I started Liar Game just last week and now that I’ve seen all its six episodes, I’m here to give my thoughts on it. It hit the ground running right from its first episode. The drama is intriguing, having mystery, thrills, anxiety, tension and great characters. I haven’t seen the J-version and so thankfully there is nothing to compare Liar Game with, except to just enjoy every minute of it which brings so much fun, twists and turns.

The plot is basically about a variety show called Liar Game, which is produced and hosted by Do Young (Shin Sung Rok). The game has different rounds each day where the participants have to use their brains in order to surpass others. They can lie, cheat, deceive and strategize each of their move. Nam Da Jung (Kim So Eun) enters the game with a motive of gaining money to pay off her father’s debts who has left home and she doesn’t know his whereabouts. She is helped by Woo Jin (Lee Sang Yoon), who was originally a psychology professor but was in jail for one year on charges of fraud. He can read other’s lies by analysing their behaviours. Initially Da Jung is reluctant to lie or trick others but as the game proceeds, she somewhat uses some tactics but still believes in trusting others. Meanwhile, Woo Jin is suspicious of Do Young, in the way that the latter has more to do with this show and its participants, especially him and Da Jung, than just being a host and producer.

I have to say that this show, with its participants, put together, playing the game with not knowing what’s to come next, reminds me that eerie feeling when I read Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None. There is a sense of urgency and tension. Furthermore, Do Young is such a fascinating character that one can never understand what is going on in his mind. Shin Sung Rok is again starting to scare me after his villainous turn in You From Another Star, more than that here because he is just like a mystery, so hard to decode. I love the games and how our protagonists play it.

I’m in love with Woo Jin and Lee Sang Yoon. He is hot, has brains and heart. His every move is so assuring but still he himself is clueless (yet) about what conspiracy lies behind Liar Game. Da Jung is cute and innocent to a tee but she doesn’t annoy me because that’s how she is. She always wants to believe in the best of others. Yes, this leads her to unwanted places but she never gets discouraged.

I’m a sucker for unexpected romance and when I got my first hint that there might be one between Woo Jin and Da Jung, I was on cloud nine. I’m just so happy with these two.

Another good thing about the drama is that it has carved out all other characters so nicely and I can easily identify each of the participants and their nature. Also I simply love the soft-hearted debt collector aka Dal Goo. It is so pleasant to see him caring for Da Jung and taking part in our hero’s investigations.

All in all, this is my current favorite and a fast-paced, different and solid thriller.


13 thoughts on “‘Liar Game’ is intriguing: First Impressions

  1. Kwon Sang Seung

    Loan sharks are like part of the family in South Korean dramas xD But this one, feels better than others. So Young is hiding many secrets, i’m curious about the process of information about him. Woo Jin’s so deadly serious abouy everything, laser brain! *scans you* -> *already knows you* xD Kim So Eun’s such a cutie as Da Jung!

    1. snow Post author

      Almost every drama features a loan shark which is then responsible for our heroine (most of the times) to act the way she acts, depending on the plot of that drama…lol
      KSE is really cute….and it looks like she hasn’t aged a bit since Boys Before Flowers…which was 5 years back *gasps*

      Woo Jin is so confident about his theories and strategies! I love that ❤

      1. Kwon Sang Seung

        Yep, this one’s one of the kindest around in dramaland xD
        She will never age ❤ *hides now*
        Yes! He's like a programmed machine in the shape of a human, he's as serious as a programming code lol He does a really good job 😀

  2. NeeNee

    I’ve watched the Japanese drama and the movie, but not the latest SPs and final, final movie. Sometimes when you watch a remake, you have trouble divorcing a drama from the original. NOT so with this drama. I know that may be hard to believe given I’ve taken up doing a series of posts that compare how the games are played out between both dramas, but still. What I like about this is that you get to see more of the people besides who they are necessarily when playing the game. You get to learn more about them and their personalities and their backgrounds. If I’m honest, the Japanese drama lacks the depth that the Korean drama currently has. Plus, there’s tons of comedy in the Japanese drama and they concentrated on making this version darker and more psychological. I think both are good for their own reasons.

    Lee Sang Yoon and Shin Sung Rok are amazing actors! I am really curious about the character of Do Young who really seems to be an amalgamation of various characters from the Japanese drama/manga.

    1. snow Post author

      I was skipping your posts for now as I thought that they might be spoilery…but it was hard as I really wanna know what’s Kdrama doing differently than the J-version..

      Thanks a lot for the explanations! I guess the J-versions are shorter…but even LG is of only 12 eps..I also love this thing that we get to see everyone in detail apart from the game point of view…

      Do young is seriously a scary but fascinating character…We can never guess what he is thinking or assuming…it looks like he knows each and every step that our protagonists will take…and I’m curious about how Woo Jin will defeat him 🙂

      And Lee Sang Yoon ❤ ❤

  3. Blue

    I agree with this first impression. At first I wasn’t really interested in watching this drama because I had already seen the japanese version which I dropped soon because it just lacked depth. But because of Lee Sang Yoon, I decided to give it a try, and from the very first episode I was hooked. The first scene is perfect. I agree with NeeNee that the korean version is deeper. Sang Yoon is an awesome actor!

    1. snow Post author

      It’s great that the Kversion has depth….I’m enjoying the drama so much and there is not a single scene where I get bored…Yay that you gave it a try! I 🙂

      Lee Sang Yoon is doing wonders and I must say that his hairdo makes him look so different and it helps as he is playing a cold and rough guy…because he looks so warm and cute in his other shows 😀

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  5. mochirochi

    Do Young is my favourite character in this. I never know what he’s going to do next and, for the most part, he seems like the ultimate troll. I love him.

    As someone who has watched the jdrama and manga, I think the studio is doing okay in trying to remake this but do their own thing at the same time. I love the reality show idea and I absolutely love Do Young, but I find myself liking Da Jung less and less with each passing episode. I really enjoyed her in the first episode or two, but I feel like the show is trying to interject some of the things from the original into her character. It’s not really working for me, but other than that the show is fine.

    I’ll be interested in your views on the show though, since you’ve never watched the jdrama or read the manga. Hope you enjoy it! ^.^

    1. snow Post author

      Haha…yes…Do Young is really mysterious and it’s creepy and fun to watch his smiling face as we don’t know what is actually going on in his mind 🙂

      Da Jung can be annoying at times with her too much trusting nature…but I simply attach that as her personality trait…and she is not that discouraged by it…so it’s okay for now…I do hope that she’ll learn the lesson to not trust that easily..

      Let’s hope the drama maintains its entertaining factor till the end…it’s great that it has infused freshness of its own 😀


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