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Last few days saw a slew of premieres and after a short gap, I tried all of them. I liked many but due to one reason or the other, I ended up dropping most of them. Here is a summary of my drama week (and some other things):

  • Liar Game: Excellent! The reveal at the end of episode 8 sent chills down my spine.
  • Pinocchio: I liked the first episode and it hit all the right emotional buttons for me. I hate that female reporter and I’m already rooting for our hero. The kids were adorable.
  • Misaeng: Yet to start this show, about which I’ve only heard good things. As soon as I get the time, I’m gonna embark on this journey of common man.
  • I started a book — A Thousand Splendid Suns.
  • I watched two back to back movies this week: Gone Girl (an awesome thriller) and Interstellar (spectacular and amazing).
  • I watched the premiere episodes of Mr. Back and Birth Of A Beauty. The former is funny but that’s the only thing I liked about it. The latter is good but my issue with over-husband-worship did not allow me to go forward.