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I’m really glad that Pinocchio is giving me all the right feels. I love the leads and their characters, the teenage romance is so sweet and bickering is so cute. I especially like Lee Jong Suk as he is bringing his warmth and earnestness here as well. I can’t wait to meet other cast members and how things will unfold when everyone gathers at the broadcasting station. It’s funny that for once, the hero will get a makeover. To be honest, I actually started liking that hair (I know!) just because Dal Po is so endearing. I think grandpa will be the one who makes him cut his hair which means that he did not get shocked like everyone was suspecting he would if he learns the truth about Dal Po. It’s great to see that he is touched by and understands the affection Dal Po has for him. I don’t know how Dal Po ends up to become a reporter, the profession he hates so much as it ruined his family. I felt sad when the drama showed that skull because I hoped that Dal Po’s dad would be alive somewhere. I think we’ll be teased a lot before the dramatic union of two brothers. We’ll be getting another time jump when the leads finally grow up to be the working ones and I want to know what all happened in all those years. It looks like In ha will meet her mom in Seoul and hopefully she’ll come to realise how her mom is instead of the ideal person she thinks she is.

Here is the preview for episode 3. Also embedded are some stills that feature Kim Young Kwang and Lee Yoo Bi along with Lee Jong Suk in his new, or I must say original look. He is looking SO HANDSOME!



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