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I’m so sad that Liar Game is ending next week. Normally I complain about the long length of dramas but now when I’m hooked to a show which is in total of 12 episodes long, I’m not ready to say goodbye to it yet. I really hope that there is a season 2 in store for us! This week was pretty intense in Liar Game as we came to see what happens when someone messes up with Do Young. He remained unemotional throughout till now but Woo Jin finally evoked some response from him. And the result — well, what happens when you wake up a tiger. I’m really scared about what will happen next to whom as one of the consequences we have already seen in terms of that lift incident. I’m hoping against hope that nothing serious would happen to the simple, decent guy Sung Joon. I did enjoy that bromance moment when Dal Goo hugs Woo Jin after regretting his decision to help Do Young. Also, Jamie’s unexpected change of heart and their bonding.

I think Do Young’s revenge goes all the way to his childhood as maybe Woo Jin’s mom gave him for adoption, knowingly or unknowingly, to people who made him undergo that horrible experiment. Well, it’s the last week so I’m expecting to get all answers.

Coming onto Da Jung, I loved that the latest game gave her lots of opportunities to make decisions and chances to show her worth and confidence. I’m still hoping for some romance between her and Woo Jin as the show has teased us so many times about it. I was so happy when Woo Jin wanted Dal Goo to leave him and Da Jung alone but alas, it was for some computer use *sigh* It was a bad timing that the hour which Woo Jin chose to tell all about him, L company and her father, the revelation came to her just before that. Judging the character of Da Jung, I think she will give him a chance to explain and understand his reasons.

As Liar Game remains serious and dark for most of the part, the cute behind the scene stills come as a breath of fresh air with loads of camaraderie being seen between the actors. It’s great to see how much they are enjoying working together and helps in easing the atmosphere we feel while watching this drama. I cheerfully squeed after seeing Lee Sang Yoon and Kim So Wun being super adorable together. Through these BTS pics, I got to see his dimples (which are rarely visible in Liar Game as he rarely smiles). Yay.

I’m absolutely a new Lee Sang Yoon fan (or is it Ha Woo Jin?).

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