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I was interested in Healer right from the time it was announced. Just my reasons kept on changing with time. It is the next Monday-Tuesday drama for KBS after currently airing Tomorrow Cantabile gets over. It is being a disappointment as the show couldn’t amass ratings as was anticipated before its premiere, given the popular original material it was based on and the star power of leads Joo Won and Shim Eun Kyung. Anyhow, Healer first piqued my interest because it cast Yoo Ji Tae (Old Boy) as the lead and I like it when movie actors do a drama in between their big screen career. Next was the plot which looked a nice cocktail of different genres — thriller, romance, comedy — it is about star reporter who has a secret information of some past incident that took place in 1992. Park Min Young plays another reporter, though of a second-rate internet website that is all about gossips. Ji Chang Wook plays the titular Healer, a nickname he has got and he is a mysterious man on some secret mission. Now the appeal has further increased by the teasers which look pretty cool and stylish, not to mention the City Hunter feel I’m getting, which is a good thing. Park Min Young did A New Leaf as her last show and I’m happy that she is signing on dramas with substance even when they are not of the mainstream popular variety. Yoo Ji Tae has done only two dramas till date, Star’s Lover in 2008 and the other one, Love Story (1999), which was a show having 8 different stories and he was part of one among them. Ji Chang Wook is riding off the success of his last drama Empress Ki and this is his first main lead role. Park Min Young is looking great with her short hair and I’m really excited for Healer. The direction is by PD of Ohlala Spouses and Man Of Honour while the show is penned by Song Ji Na of Faith, A Man’s Story and masterpiece Sandglass. It starts on December 8. By the time it premieres, Liar Game would be completed (*sobs*) and I’ll be free for the Monday-Tuesday slot!

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