Ratings for ‘Misaeng’ reach over 6%


I have just started Misaeng and I’m on episode 6 right now. But the drama has captured my heart and soul just in 5 episodes. It has only one simple set of a dull, mundane office, no colourful costumes, no hijinks to keep the momentum, no fast pace..and yet, it captivates me from start to finish, even with each episode being 70 minutes long! It’s a heartfelt exploration of life of working class. The drama has a melancholic feel and yet, it’s not depressing at all and there is always an underlying feeling of hope somewhere. I find myself getting misty eyed so many times and it’s a great joy whenever Jung Geu Rae gains some more confidence or wins in small things. My heart just goes out for him, he is so awkward and introvert and there is no way you wouldn’t root for him. And what do I say about the awesomeness called Lee Sung Min! He effortlessly dissolves into his role of Chief Oh, representing struggles of a salaryman, who keeps on working and working to support his livelihood. I just love these two together, the way Geu Rae is breaking his tough exterior and the little ways in which the latter shows his care for him — my heart simply melts. I have a lot to say about the drama but now I want to celebrate through this post with all fellow Misaeng fans because the show, which is steadily rising in ratings from day 1, has garnered rating high of 6.3 (source). It is no easy feat for a cable show to gain such high ratings and kudos to the cast and crew for delivering such an amazing drama that has satisfied critics as well as masses alike.

16 thoughts on “Ratings for ‘Misaeng’ reach over 6%

  1. Timescout

    And it just keeps getting more awesome by each episode. 🙂 The last two epis were grrrreat! Can’t wait till next weekend as they left us with a cliffhanger of all things.^^

  2. psychopathsgetbored28

    Congratulations, fellow Misaeg fan! I am so proud of the team, hahaha somehow I feel like a part of it, that’s what the show does right? Every viewer can relate to it – it’s simplicity is it’s strength. And, the odd casting choice is so accurate, not even one of them seems out of character! I’m so glad you’re watching it too, Snow! I can FINALLY share my enthusiasm! 😀 ❤

    1. snow Post author

      Ya…me too…I feel like they are people I know and I want to root for them and support them in their hardships….definitely its simplicity is its strength and it just tugs at the heartstrings ❤

      Yay that we are again watching the same drama…. 😀

  3. lynette31

    Usually it’s the Japanese that excell with slice-of-life dramas. Glad to hear Misaeng is doing so well. I’m looking forward to watching when it finishes airing.

  4. mochirochi

    Congrats to Misaeng! It definitely deserves all of the praise its getting. The drama has been excellent. Not only with the writing, but the acting from everyone is simply stellar. It’s hard to imagine Siwan is an idol who sang Mazeltov.

    1. snow Post author

      You know what! I didn’t even know he was an idol a few weeks before…LOL…I thought he was only a rookie actor…he is doing a great job…and all the actors are spot-on…they are living their characters!

    1. snow Post author

      I know! The episodes are veryyy long…total 70 minutes…even I take a lot of time to watch a single ep….I break it and watch in two sittings…hehe

      It would have been better if I live watched it…

      But I’m loving it ♥

  5. Blue

    Reading this made me want to start it, 70min each episode, that’s a lot though. I’ve already been trapped by a drama of 120 episodes (I didn’t know until I was already hooked), don’t know when I will find the strength and strength for this one, I love everyday life kind of things, it seems to be refreshing. Uggghhh….!!!!!

    1. snow Post author

      It’s lovely show and worth every 70 minutes…do start it….you’ll love it! It’s slice of life with lots of heart and sensitivity….even I delayed it for so long before finally staring it…and now I’m hooked! 🙂

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