Jaejoong to star in thriller drama ‘Spy’


I liked Jaejoong a lot in Protect The Boss where he played a second lead with a difference. I’m not a Kpop fan and hence, I’m totally ignorant when it comes to his songs and music but I do know that he is member of one of the most popular groups, JYJ along with Yoochun and Junsu. I didn’t follow his later shows as I heard so much about Dr. Jin to conclude that I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole while Triangle was also not a satisfactory ride for most, so I thought it better to skip (even if I love Lee Bum Soo). Although I read rave reviews about his acting. Instead of taking a long break, Jaejoong has confirmed his next drama — upcoming thriller for KBS titled Spy and I’m finally intrigued by his next project. There is something about secret agents and spies that automatically amps up my interest even if I end up skipping or dropping them depending on the final material.

Anyway, Spy is based on an Israeli drama and is a story about a mother-son duo where she is an ex-spy and the son currently works as secret agent for National Intelligence Service. Veteran actress Bae Jong Ok (Wonderful Mama, That Winter, The Wind Blows) will play his mother. Another noteworthy thing about this drama is that it will occupy a new slot for KBS, which will be Friday — a day when normally prime time dramas don’t air. Maybe this has to do with the success tvN is getting because of its Friday-Saturday shows (see: Answer Me 1994, current sensation Misaeng). The drama is being touted as a mix of family and thriller genres, which is an unlikely combination even if these shows do have some arc connected with family, but not as the main backdrop.

I think Spy has a lot of potential to be a slick, intriguing, action-packed thriller. It is aiming for a January premiere.

2 thoughts on “Jaejoong to star in thriller drama ‘Spy’

  1. Blue

    I loved Protect The Boss!!! Jae Joong is really credible as an actor, likw you I just was never interested in Dr. jin and Triangle. But I will give a chance to Spy as well.

    BTW, just to share, he was part of the group DBSK. The group seperated due to contract issues, now there are two groups JYJ (3 members) and DBSK (2 members). DBSK is Kpop’s best group to date (not bubblegum stuff but serious talent) and one of the best pop groups regardless of nationalities. I no longer follow Kpop but I did for years, it is much more diverse than the way it is promoted in the West. DBSK are now like “veterans” in Korea.

    1. snow Post author

      Thanks Blue for all the info about DBSK and JYJ….I did know that they were same group once but not in detail….it must be pretty sad for the fans to see them get disbanded…
      I’ve recently started reading about Kpop (not much though) over at Seoulbeats….but still…I don’t follow any groups…or songs…

      Jaejoong is definitely promising in terms of acting 🙂


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