Historical weekend drama ‘Jingbirok’ premieres this week


I think with the rate at which drama machine keeps churning out new dramas everyday, be it premieres, announcements, casting, finales — it’s easy for a show to fall under the radar. I don’t know about the home country, but international fandom is not buzzing about upcoming weekend epic sageuk Jingbirok which is starting its run this Saturday on KBS. The show stars always-terrific Kim Sang Joong and Kim Tae Woo (who played Lee Bo Young‘s husband in God’s Gift – 14 Days) in the lead roles.

Jingbirok is basically the name of a book about Imjin War and the drama will depict historical events that took place during that period of history (1592-1598) with Kim Sang Joong (City Hunter, Bad Guys) playing real life scholar Ryu Seong-ryong who wrote this book and Kim Tae Woo plays King Seonjo. The show will be a 50 episode sageuk, much on the lines of a previous hit KBS weekender Jeong Do Jeon. Jingbirok is also going by the name The Book Of Corrections. Ryu Seong Ryong was an official during Kim Seonjo’s reign and he contributed in military operations during Imjin War. The show will showcase not only the events of the war at its centre but also incidents of the Battle of Noryang and death of admiral Lee Soon Shin.

Well even when I think the drama would be pretty good, I have two reasons for not giving it a try — I don’t usually watch K-historical dramas and 50 episodes is way too long for me to invest my time. Jingbirok will be directed by the PD of  King’s Dream and Comrades. The script is penned by the writer of Gye Baek and Yaksha.

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4 thoughts on “Historical weekend drama ‘Jingbirok’ premieres this week

  1. apqaria

    I think KBS1 do one drama a year in this time slot usually a Seguk and always expected to be high quality. Last year it was “Jeong Do Jeon” with Jo Jae Hyun which was so praised and I guess this year they again got a wonderful cast but like you, can’t check this out for the same exact reasons ^^

    1. snow Post author

      LOL…we are huge non-sageuk fans… 😀
      Yes…KBS churns out these longer historical shows and they are pretty successful as well…I’m sure they are loved a lot in the home country!

        1. snow Post author

          My one and only sageuk was Sungkyunkwan Scandal…which I watched in 2012 as my drama journey started in 2011 😉
          But I also tried Gu Family Book but dropped it midway…I really want to watch The Three Musketeers though.


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